Monday, November 13, 2017

Lionel Richie Endures Awkward Scott Disick Questions

In a red carpet interview with E! News Lionel Richie scolds his 19 year-old daughter Sofia for failing miserably at hiding her relationship with 34 year-old reality star Scott Disick...

..too bad Sofia refused to play along and bluntly insisted she hadn't been trying to hide anything.


Anonymous said...

White folks are so full of shit.

Felicia said...


Indi_flo said...

He don't care.. really no.. really.. he dgaf..

Anonymous said...

R in NYC says:

Lionel was an absentee parent. Nicole Richie been confirmed that so I'm pretty sure he was the same way with his second family. That young daughter of his is too damn grown and what exactly is her occupation?
If she's galavanting around the globe with Scott's degenerate ass on Daddy's dime then Lionel needs his ass whipped.
Too late to raise her now darling daddy.

Anonymous said...

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Just an observation said...

He has to endure looking crazy because he was never there for her and her mother is a whore so it's not like the apple didn't fall from the tree. She's following in her mothers footsteps.

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