Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Ray Allen Outed by Spurned Lover?

Last night a bizarre story unfolded after retired NBA player Ray Allen requested a restraining order claiming he'd been catfished by a man, who pretended to be a woman online, who was now stalking him in real life [click here if you missed that].

The man in question claims his gender was never a secret to Ray...

From TMZ
Bryant Coleman says Ray Allen's allegations that he pretended to be a woman to obtain "private information" about Ray are false.
The truth, according to Coleman, is that Allen offered up info -- along with pictures and videos -- knowing full well that Coleman is a man. He says their relationship goes back several years.
"[Ray's] account of our relationship is false," Coleman says in a statement to TMZ Sports.
"Ray knows how I look, he knows how my voice sounds, he knows how I think, and most importantly, he knows my heart."
"However, because of confidentially considerations, I am not in a position to provide a more detailed response to Mr. Allen's false and salacious claims. I will rely on the courts to protect me against Mr. Allen's violent threats and false accusations."
The exact nature of the alleged "violent threats" is unclear, but as we previously reported ... Coleman obtained a restraining order, claiming Allen was stalking him.


COOLKID said...


LaShanda Friedrich said...

This is one of the only stories on here that has me like the open-eyed surprised emoji!

Anonymous said...

That picture on his Wiki article is priceless. Somebody is trolling!

This is why I love RWS...all the messy news that's fit to print!

Anonymous said...

Damn Jesus Shuttlesworth! Not you too!

Anonymous said...

And he lookin mighty monster ridden!

Anonymous said...

Say it ain't so Ray. Social media is the DEVIL. BEWARE!

Anonymous said...

Wow. Wouldn't have guessed that. I'm sure there have been plenty gays in the NBA.

Remember Magic and Isiah's lovefest in the 90's.

Remember Steve Francis and Cuttino Mobley's "domestic partnership".

Carmelo Anthony had a longterm "bromance" with Swizz Beatz which ended for no reason.

CDAN says Chandler Parsons is gay but I have no idea who that is.

Anonymous said...

@11:29 Please spill all that tea!!!!

Anonymous said...

Not the first ray was caught mrssing around on his fine ass wife

Indi_flo said...

MADD tv.."He got ..."

Just an observation said...

I don't believe this. He pretended to be a woman. I've watched too many Catfish shows and I believe he never admitted it until he revealed he is a 'he' and then Ray put a restraining order on him. He should be glad he didn't get his ass kicked or killed.

Queen B said...

Rt on just an observation

I troll it like I see it. said...

Ray there is no shame is loving peen. Come on out the closet baby and stop lying on this man.

Anonymous said...

@7:44...there's shame in it if you're also a man.

Anonymous said...


It Is
A Sin
& "A Shame"

& LaLa & Gab Union
R Men But Most Ppl
Can Not See Pass
The Wig & Make Up

@Topic Not Suprised

The Bible
Is Playn Out
B4 Our Very Eyes



Anonymous said...

You're not fooling anyone, Ray....

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