Monday, November 20, 2017

Tokyo Toni Admits Blac Chyna Cut Her Off

Blac Chyna's mother admits she and Chyna aren't speaking anymore and that she's living in a $135 a day hotel...


Tippie Toes said...

She is her own frienemy. She said she's a philantropist????? LOLOLOL

Anonymous said...

i have a better idea: put this woman in a day time soap opera! she keeps doing these things and i'm convinced, she loves living a drama life!! seriously though, she could make it in the day time soaps!

GG said...


Cinnamon said...

She mentioned they are not speaking but she received a invite to her grandchild bd party and herself didnt show up!! then say she hasn't heard from her since maybe that's the big reason that would be a terrible feeling for her not to show up and the other side grandmom attended,but toni was having issues with a landlord of a place where she were no longer suppose be residing how you put that over your grandchild invite that was a olive branch

Anonymous said...

Lets be clear... $135 a day is a lot... for 31 days that is $4,185 a month! This gutta snipe aint doing too bad!! Shoots in Louisiana a $4,000 a month house could be a 5 bedroom home

Anonymous said...

Poor poor lady. Mental Illness is real. She got a case of that "Tyrese".

If you're getting evicted
Turning tricks
About to go to jail
Estranged from your family
Recently divorced
Threatening tell all books
Charging social media followers
Setting up go fund me accounts
Calling yourself by a nickname
Trying to capitalize off your daughter fame
Airing all your business on social media
Still dressing like a hooker at 50....

It's time to get real.
Find the right dosage of medication
Get regular therapy
Move out the city
And get a job
Be a person that one day your grandkids will look up to.

Azalea Banks said something the other day about black women and mental Illness, this may apply.

I can no longer laugh at her, this is a cry for help.

Cinnamon said...

I think she is lonely and chemical imbalance and misguided and hurt

Anonymous said...

She really needs to hire an editor for her messages all of them are completely filled with spelling and grammatical errors.

Candi Jimenez said...

Why do parents feel entitled to their childs rise to fame? What happened to the Mrs Jackson mothers that sat the fuck down and dodged the limelight? Parents just reap the benefits of their kids wealth.

Anonymous said...

Well thank you 2:19 you took the words right out of my mouth, see Pinocchio the things you do come back to you, somewhere a long the line u choose not to get a decent job and work like everyone else is doing, u choose the stripper club and you had a daughter watching u and u trained her to be what you wanted to be created a monster and she lost respect for you Pinocchio your your own worst enemy like I said before stop trying to be in the spotlight and just get a job you'll feel better because you'll be doing something with yourself that is positive and u never know where it might take you now your daughter pray for her she out here battling the witches of east wick them Kardashians and every other day she got a new boyfriend she'll soon also hit the ground like a safe Pinocchio just get a job see what happens sheeeez hell it's that time think about when your 65 you have to put something in in order to get anything back get started and get off social media and stay off

Anonymous said...

Maybe she’s embarrassed... Chyna

Anonymous said...

She's lied about the price of the hotel just like she lied about everything else.

She was not invited to King nor Dream's bday parties and now that the show is a no go Chyna will go back to not speaking with her.

The only person who cared about the relationship she has with her daughter was Rob, before that it was Tyga.

Unless Chyna can get that little play boi carti to don a cape and save her hoe ass mother she should just get use to being homeless.

Nicki is the only other person who financially helped out because she is all about family.

prissa o said...


and even pro bono! 😉

Anonymous said...

When crack heads need attention. I never heard of a broke philanthropist. 135 a night? Yeah right. Try try 30 bucks a night. Holiday inn charge 135 a night. Laying on her Back Cyna a Millionaire? Oh so now she want to throw God and religion for sympathy? If she ain't mad or worried about haters why post? Blac Vagina better come get her momma and put her in a nursing home. Ain't nobody giving this trash a reality show. Tokyo Phony 5 seconds of fame been up. Next!

Anonymous said...

This is what happens when pimping goes wrong peoples! How you gone be a broke ho?! What part of the game is this?! Fake ass Tyrese!

Anonymous said...

I think Tokyo Toni is lying about being invited to Dream's bday party. Chyna does not fvck with her at all.

I also think Chyna can help her but she chose not too for whatever reason. Maybe because Tokyo Toni tells the whole world her business and she is huge embarassment on social media and on tv (Wendell William's show), so she chose to cut her off.

Anonymous said...

Chyna was raised by her grandmother, while Tokyo Toni was doing her own thing. This is the main reason why Chyna treats her the way she does. Hello! This is probably the only reason why Chyna thinks she does not owe her a damn thing. She was dead beat.
Toni does not want to work. She goes from being appreciative of Chyna to dogging Chyna out.

Anonymous said...

how the hell can she afford a $135/day hotel? i can't even afford that and i go to work at a legitimate job 5 days a week!

Just an observation said...

Toni seems perfectly fit to provide for herself. What happened to the house Chyna got for her? Bitch, doing too much. Chyna living her life because she's been doing it for a long time which is why she was stripping. Says a lot about her uprbringing and Toni want to act brand new now that the tables have turned.

Just an observation said...

They seem more like ghetto ass sisters than mother and daughter.

Anonymous said...

,@9:47pm Sex industry workers get paid well even when they are down and out
But the lifestyle sucks

Toni better stay away from Chyna bcus Chyna loves money and fame and I wouldnt doubt if she woukdnt sell Toni out for it
I know u are hurting Ms Toni
But let it go

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