Tuesday, November 07, 2017

Tyga Denies Claiming Kylie Jenner's Baby

Back in September after news broke that Kylie Jenner was pregnant by Travis Scott, her ex rapper Tyga went on SnapChat claiming the baby was his [click here if you missed that].

Now Tyga says it was all fake news...

From The Metro
Following the allegations of pregnancy, Tyga was thought to have shared a Snapchat story in which he claimed he was the baby’s daddy, but when asked by Metro.co.uk about the story and Kylie’s pregnancy he vehemently denied the claims. ‘I didn’t comment on anything, I didn’t comment on anything, it was a fake story,’ he said.
When probed further about the Snapchat, he simply emphasised: ‘It’s all a fake story.’


Don balee me juh watch said...

(Yawn). This is news? Where are Beyonce's twins? I bet they're somewhere being MK ultra programmed to bring in the money train once their parents are completely phased out.

prissa o said...

Goodbye, Tygra!



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