Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Tyrese Admits His Wife Isn't Pregnant

Earlier this month Tyrese Gibson announced his wife Samantha Lee was expecting their first child and begged fans to contribute money for Samntha's well-being [click here if you missed that].

It's not true...

In a post on Instagram Tyrese blames the lie on his mental health medication.


Anonymous said...

Plot Twist:


On Her Monthly
On A Daily Basis; )

Anonymous said...

his wife looking less and less black with every new posts. was he making her tan ala destiny's child? lol. i was wondering about her pregnancy with all the current traveling they're doing. i thought her stomach looked flat as a pancake. cryrese is a thirsty coon for real. he needs to stay overseas for yearsssss. lol.

Anonymous said...

Damn!! Will this man ever stop with the lies? Somebody please take his phone and internet away from him. I truly believe he messed up his chance to star in the next "Fast" movie. He acts like a deranged woman.

Anonymous said...

So the meds make you lie a lot too huh??? Ok! I can’t with this chick!

Anonymous said...

We all knew she wasn't pregnant, Cryrese been living on the gram all day and night. She getting TV dinners on cafeteria trays.

prissa o said...

@12:07 - Sis is having her monthly on a DAILY BASIS????


I wish there was a PAD emoji!!!!

Anonymous said...

Samantha, go head and get 5150. Don't let this nut impregnat you.

Anonymous said...

The medicine made him LIE and beg for donations?
The medicine had him reprenting himself because the lawyer quit?

The medicine had him showing us how big his empty ass house is and crying over a chef that quit?

The medicine had him trying to get a ramen noodles endorsement?

The medicine made him show a pic of his phone with actress jada Pinkett Smith as the caller?

He is so addicted to the internet like a teenage kid he can't take that the blogs are not posting on him every day anymore so he's willing to throw himself under the bus for a post smh.

What medicine makes you fake a pregnancy AS A MAN??

The same medicine that has him posting pics on a jet and then posting he was in Africa doing yoga to turn around and say nah I'm at home?

This dude is a FUCKING LOSER. I dont get people who boast about being somewhere and having the greatest of times but the whole time they on FB, TWITTER OR INSTAGRAM.
What 10 year's worth of what was he accused of?
She had court appointed everything but he had to pay for her lawyer?

Was he shading Vin with that my real family that wasn't down shit?

He needs to sit his ass DOWN.

I know one thing though. That medicine didn't interfere with common sense after he got that phone call after threatening the Rock's kids. He said he would never mention Dwayne's name again and he damn sure hasn't. Funny how he can control the medicine in that case.

The only sickness Ashy has is a jealous, evil heart and there is no cure for that.

Just an observation said...

Clown ass

Anonymous said...

Snitch should have posted a pic of tyrese sitting in a bench with a bunch of sheiks behind him.

He was all smiling with them as he sat next to his wife.

Reasons why i am bringing this is: He was all crying about how broke he was the other day and now he was taped smiling with a bunch of sheiks at some stadium.

Also, I noticed the red symbol on his collar. I think yesterday he had on a white shirt in the same style hanging with these sheiks, with the same red symbol on the collar.

Things that make you watch.

Anonymous said...

tank, come get your sister...

Anonymous said...

Samantha has a mess on her hands.
This is a great case study in DBRism.
Black women aren't missing out on the Tyrese type of man.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of fake pregnancies has anyone read the PIPING HOT TEA on Jay and Bey’s first pregnancy and the surrogate they used for Blue Ivy????

My my my.... not like we didn’t know this but damn they are shady as HELL!!!


Anonymous said...

R in NYC says:

Ohhhhh the fuckery that is Tyrese.
Hallucinating and deceiving folks on a daily basis. What a wonderful life.

Lee said...

He implying Will and Jada went back on they word about the $5 million cause he went public. He throwing major shade.

Anonymous said...

Lierese cannot be trusted with anything he speaks on. This jackass short-circuited when the rock swerved him. That's when all the insanity happened.
Please Dwayne, for the public's sanity and Samantha's safety, call this sucka!

Anonymous said...

@2:08 it is Voltron logo you searching for nothing nobody.
You probably feel some type of way when you get f d a pen y on the street..face down
.....if you read more than just 140 line texts and blogs u wouldn't think everything was a CONSPIRACY.

Anonymous said...

i thought this guy was an actor? why is he acting like some 15 year old on youtube trying to get attention??? smh...

Anonymous said...

@9:25 You must be a dumb Dck riding captain save a heaux Cryrese stan caping for him when he was crying about how broke he was. U internet thug muffin, E-roach, lame, dirty,lonely, and miserable. nobody lookin ass bird b***ch.

If your mother raised you well, you would respond politely. You Nobody, no name/face ugly ass.

Anonymous said...

@1:46 What medicine? A picture of a box doesn't prove anything. That fool wasn't on no damn medicine. That was just one of his alters that surfaced to the forefront.

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