Saturday, November 04, 2017

Tyrese Skips Town Instead of Visiting His Daughter

On Wednesday Tyrese Gibson had an emotional break-down, filmed it, and posted it online because he wasn't allowed to see his 10-year-old daughter Shayla [click here if you missed that].

On Friday Tyrese left the country instead of going to family court and missed a scheduled visit...

From The Blast
Tyrese Gibson has a chance to see his daughter this weekend, but he’s currently 5,000 miles away from her.
Norma Gibson‘s legal team tells The Blast they agreed to give Tyrese visitation with his daughter on Saturday, Monday and next weekend. A court-appointed monitor would be present for the visits.
But Tyrese didn’t show up for court [on Friday] and instead went to London, where he Instagrammed about doing hot yoga, a suggestion from Russell Simmons.
Norma also finds it interesting that he has publicly pleaded to see his daughter, but then skipped town.
Both sides are due back in court on November 14.
Meanwhile Tyrese has been Instagramming his journey


Allihave2say said...

Tyrese is a classic narcissist. He didn't bother with the visits because they aren't on his terms. He also seems to be bipolar.

prissa o said...

This entire situation is a mess, BUT why is Norma's legal team taking to The Blast??? SMH

Chrissy Snow said...

Yes Daddy made it all better. The money problems melted away, he and Rock are cool and that child abuse charge is in the wind. Oh, Jada called too and now Tyrese is walking on cloud 9.

Anon said...

It not about children,it’s about him




I troll it like I see it said...

This pathetic attention whoring stunt queen, will make you commit all types of blasphemy by calling on yt Jesus to take the muthafukka wheel. Cause you just know black Jesus liscense is suspended, cause that negro is sovereign and he don't believe in paying for shit. His birth certificate and social security number already covered the fees, he is the beneficiary to the billions, being made off his birth certificate being traded on wall street.

Laa soul said...

Oh let me guess, after London back to Dubai for some yachting. I swear I just can't with this kneegrow and his bitch made ways.

Anonymous said...

Why is Jada number in his phone as Actress Jada Pickett Smith, if you are really friends why you got to have her listed like that. All my friends are on a first name listing in my phone unless there are more that one with the same name the first name last intial. Jody, get some damn help better yet stay off the damn internet. We do not want to be exposed to psychosis anymore.

Anonymous said...

wow, he really called someone his jewish daddy? and celebrities condoning his fuckery? typical. especially jada's coon ass. not surprised cryrese blew off his daughter, it's only get worse when the new kids gets here. especially because it's going to be a boy. so shayla really gonna be kicked to the curb. all this showboating wll be forgotten it will be all about the boy on instagram. i wish shayla well.

Anonymous said...

I don't blame Nora for going to a blog...tyrese being doing all this hooping and hollering on Instagram of all places. he's been using social media to gain attention/sympathy they just trying to put it out in the media he uses to show what a fake he is.

Laa soul said...

Isn't this man married? Where is his wife in all of this?? This man is galavanting around the world, skipping out on a visit with his daughter after begging up and down social media to see her, and this kneegrow don't think he need a couch and a copay??


Anonymous said...

Now the daughter and current wife are in the discarded stage. Tools to be used.

Anonymous said...

Jewish Daddy? Russell Simmons? Private jets and hot yoga? The context clues are everything in this story. He needs the money so if he's gotta get out and sell bussy, it is what it is.

Rhodessa Allen said...

These us so confuse and messed-up, he need to grow up.

Anonymous said...

God that hoodie has to be musty a FAWK. I won't do it but do wonder how many times he wrote "I" in his essay.
Funny he wrote Jasya's name regular but Will's name in all CAPS.
The way he is leaning on those men in that picture is VERY telling on who the bottom is and I bet he screamd and moans as if he were a real bitch too.
Guess he's never been to Africa the way he is excited. No time for Shayla or the pregnant queen huh? He answered a hooker's call.

I'm sending a jet for you. where am i going? Just get on the plane. okay!!
He has no reception but tells Vin to call him. I'm guessing because Vin HASN'T been calling him.

Yep an Actress Jayda Pinkette in his contact list just means it could have been anyone with what he dumb ass just typed as a contact name.

He is disgusting and attention starved. I hope on this full, new moon his asshole is ripped to shreds and that he bleeds heavily for the next 7 days.

Let's stay tuned for another hospital stay.

Broke Bitch. And I laughed a good belly laugh when 50 called him a punk ass coca cola kid.

Anonymous said...

@2:44 You sound like a buffoon, not to mention a pure unadulterated JACK ASS.

Anonymous said...

Is that Lee Daniels on the right?

Anonymous said...

If a harvey weinstien story comes out about lee daniels i'll be so upset.

Anonymous said...

Punk motherfucker...nuff said

Anonymous said...


You know they exist, but black people never snitch specifically black males and especially when it comes to sexual abuse. Those victimized by Daniels will carry their secrets to the grave.

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