Thursday, December 14, 2017

Blac Chyna Snags Her Own Reality Show?

Insiders claim Blac Chyna is filming a new reality show...

From VH1
A little birdie told us that Blac Chyna will star in her very own reality show in 2018 (yet to be announced) and it will be her first television gig without the association of the Kardashians. The new show will give us a glimpse of Chyna’s career, kids and dating life.


Anonymous said...


Filming a TV pilot to shop to TV Studios is not HAVING YOUR OWN SHOW

Also we all know No one will pick it up!

She just doesn't know, she is a legend in her own mind

prissa o said...

I wish her well. She should have Mama Tokyo as special guest star! 😁

Anonymous said...

Nice to see her still standing after all that bullshit with THAT family.

Just an observation said...

She hustling better than her momma. Exceeded her mothers ho tendencies and made a name for herself.

Sunni Daze said...

Mona Scott and VH1 will pick it up if not WEtv.

Anonymous said...

no maam 2018 i'm leaving all thots and hoe shit in 2017. the shit is tired, dry, played out, nobody gives a fuck, real word problems going on, go somewhere, sit down, and go help your crack is wack mother with her escort business you untalented cum sock. but other than that.. good for her bye

Anonymous said...

If it ain't "Intervention" or "Iyanla, Fix My Life" for her mom, I ain't watching shit.

Pay attention to the woman who gave you birth or the children you gave birth to and not being a reality or rap star sis.

Anonymous said...

Unless she's going to be a part of the L&HH: Miami, I don't see it for her having a solo show. She needs to be part of an ensemble cast.

Anonymous said...

Can someone please explain what is so great about this woman? Bish is everywhere like she's made some great contribution to mankind. LOL.

Anonymous said...

This the same as Khloe so called upcoming pregnancy's tired, old and not entertaining...its just who gives a fuck about them now?? They've all done every pr shock stunt they can do outside of catching a body.

✿✿Dotty✿✿ said...

I only watch Netflix originals and Hulu. I been stopped watching E! If it weren't for the few posts on these people I wouldn't know about them.

Anonymous said...

Everyone achieved stardom thru actions and opportunities including the Kardashians. It's so unfortunate that WE are so unforgiving and hateful that when we see someone making moves to support herself we keep looking at the stye in her eye and ignoring the planks in the eyes of others.

This woman didn't have an ideal upbringing. Tokyo Toni clearly has some issues that her parents failed to address. She was a teenage single mom on the wild side. However Chyna seemed to be motivated to do more than pole dance, she went to college, opened her own businesses and earns legal tender whether we like her profession or not. We keep ragging on her for promoting strip clubs while the Arabs and whites who own the strip clubs stack dollars off the flesh and backs of blacks be the the strippers, waiters, bouncers, rappers performing and making it rain. There's never a negative comment posted about how back handed and disgusting these people behind the scenes are for selling sex. They live far more lavishly than Chyna.

Just as these people are the faces of products, so is Chyna, they're all getting paid to endorse things people buy so the owners get rich:

50 Cents - Vitamin Water
Dr. Dre - Beats by Dre for Apple (now defunct)
Jay Z - Live Nation & Sports Teams
Rhianna- Fenty Beauty
Beyonce - Gucci
Julia Roberts - Lancome
Kim Kardashian- think about it to include clubs and stripping
This is just to name a very few because folks have been lining their pockets doing the same as Chyna. Let this woman eat.

Anonymous said...

Chyna- Selling Pussy
Chyna- Neglectful Mother
Chyna - Records Infidelities, THEN sends to significant other who oays all her bills and tries to blackmail him
Chyna - With A different Man Each Month
Chyna - Cool And Claiming To Be BFF'S With Her Baby Daddy's Girlfriend Who is her BFF's Arch Nemesis' Sister
Chyna -..........

Anonymous said...

This bitch has no personality and is very unappealing. Her and her mother give straight bum vibes. She could post all the cars and bling she wants exudes ignorance and we have all we can take.

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