Thursday, December 14, 2017

Future Ordered to Pay Rocko

Last year Atlanta rapper/music producer Rocko da Don sued his former artist Future for breach of contract [click here if you missed that].

 Now it's time to pay the piper...

According to reports Rocko and Future settled their lawsuit and Rocko was awarded profits from the two albums Future put out on Rocko's label earlier this year, a portion of the profits from Future's tour and $7 million in cash.


GiGi said...

Well damn!

Anonymous said...

Future is in the wrong and it's time for him to pay up.

Anonymous said...

Rocko cashed tf out on that azz

Anonymous said...

He was robbing Future and helping himself to Futures money. Alot of business deals he made in Furtures name Future didnt even know about and never saw a dime.

Rocko has been extorting and robbing Atlanta artist for decades.You see he didnt try that with Gucci.

Future will fight this ruling, in a new law suit
a whole new generation of artist in Atlanta that Rocko would be ill advised to try to rip off, these newbies,they are on all kinds of pills and drugs and are brain dead zombies that feed on the violence in the street.

Anonymous said...

@11:04, What you are saying about Rocko is untrue. Negroes like Future don't understand contracts and get mad when they get the short end of the stick, that is not Rocko's fault or problem. He should have had a lawyer read his contract to see what rights Rocko would have to his intellectual property. Rocko isn't extorting, he's doing what the whole damn music industry does. People want to be famous so bad and do not hire the proper people to read their paperwork. If Rocko were white, y'all would be telling Future to get over it. Future came across a shark in the industry and got his head bit off. Pay the man his money and read your contract next time.

If someone doesn't like the way the game is played in the music industry then they should go to school and become a lawyer or doctor, this industry isn't for them.

Anonymous said...

@12:12 well costs very little to have a lawyer interpret the contract before signing

Anonymous said...




Stealing money and budgets, and advances is not in the contract, its just plain stealing, taking large sums of cash from businesess and people who want futures endorsement with intention of NEVER making the connect or even telling future about the ofFer or the money IS FRAUD


He wont ever see that money of futures, just like the Goldman's never saw OJs money, AND NEVER WILL

All Rocko did was further push his ass into the DO NOT TRUST DO NOT CONTACT LIST IN THE INDUSTRY

Anonymous said...

@ 1:27 Break your Caps Lock key and never come back here. Goddamn. You only ever bring insanity and hate to a conversation. Get therapy.

Anonymous said...

@1:27, How did Rocko "steal" money but still had to go to court to get paid? lol Don't you think if he did something illegal he would not have taken Future to court? You sound ridiculous and ill informed about the mechanics of a contract.

P.S. - The Goldman's have collected every last penny that OJ has earned legally the past 20 years so Idk where you got that information from. They just haven't received the full amount that they won the civil case for but his checks are getting garnished.

Mr. Rocko a few words for you said...

@1:27 1:51 3:11

Many businesses use and manipulate the court and legal systems in america .The courts, the judical system, and the prison system all are corrupt unto themselves quid pro qou. African Americans have received the brunt end of the legal system.

Record contracts are inherintly unjust and amount to legalized slavery and highway robbery of artist.

Historically the contract law built around record contracts was a designed to lock black performers in servitude. You can trace wording in record contracts that dates back to bill of sale and slave law during the civil war era. There is no other business in America that uses the type legalese that the recording industry uses in regards to conducting business affairs.

The business is beyond corrupt and the courts have stood by in most cases and allowed artist to be taken advantage of to the point of destitution and homelessness. To the point of labels owning your likeness and image and name, and all the future earnings of your recordings.

Several high profile artist from decades ago ended up broke and homeless with NO rights to their own music, and NO you cant say they needed better lawyers, they didnt handle their business

What they needed is laws to protect them from these types of legal servitude contracts.

Frank Sinatras financial legacy and the ownership of his masters, and brand and legacy is a entirely different that of Sammy Davis.So were his recording contracts.

We can go back to the artist like chuck berry, fats domino, performer Mr Bo Jangles,the drifters, the coasters on and on. There own family has zero rights to their legacy, music, and any money generated from their brand.

Jimi Hendrix family had to spend many years to regain control of his brand and estate from corrupt industry sharks just like ROCKO

In regards to OJ , his NFL pension is his only income, its air tight and can not be garnished.

Ive never heard a single postive thing about Mr. Rocko ever in this industry. He has a reputation for being a Atlanta Drug Lord, he is a known criminal and drug dealer. The drug lord and super thug tales are mostly his invention his real criminal is profile low level drug sales and petty crime and rap beefs. No drug lord, a wanna be crime boss, who pays thugs for dirty work.

Furture should have taken the advice he was given to steer clear of Rocko, most artist have sour deals until they learn the ropes particulary in hip hip which is a cess pool of sharks like Rocko

I recommend future spend the real money for a reputable law firm with a track record to Audit Mr. Rocko and put a team of investigators together that will spend 24 hours a day dismantling and disecting his every move, every tax dollar, every exspense, every business deal both on the record and off. You will need private investigators who are former DEA. Make sure he regrets it. It time for some Rocko to face some Karma. Good luck Future!

Anonymous said...

4:12, Future is that you? lol Or are you just a part of the Future Hive? lmao Too bad, so sad. I don't feel bad for artists/musicians. That's the game. Play it or be played. Stay in it or find another profession. Going back to school is *always* an option.

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