Saturday, December 16, 2017

Kevin Hart Defends Wife Eniko Against Home-Wrecker Label

This week Kevin Hart went on The Breakfast Club and insisted his wife Eniko did NOT break-up his first marriage...

Kevin made the revelations during a candid discussion about his latest cheating scandal [click here if you missed that] because he was upset that fans have been saying his second wife got what she deserved for breaking up his first marriage.

Kevin insisted he was with plenty of women in the year he separated from his first wife, Torrei Hart, and that Eniko is the just one who stuck, NOT the one who broke up the marriage.

After Kevin's comments went viral, Eniko posted this on Instagram but turned her comments off.


Anonymous said...

So he's going to go on tour and remind people several times a week that he cheated on his wife. Lol okay.

Anonymous said...

He's going to cheat again. I give him and Eniko 5 years before they divorce.

Anonymous said...


Damn you generous. I give them far less than that. Enigmatic still trying to get up from under that ho label. But we ain’t gonna let her.

Someday her son will read the shit she’s done and said, the same way Torrei’s kids do now. That way she’ll learn, FUCK Enigmatic and Inch High. Cosmic Retribution is a bitch.

Anonymous said...

Kevin is TERRIFIED of losing half his money to Exhibition. He is kissing her ass in every way that he can. Talking shit about Torrie now and shoving the kids to the back of the xmas card?

He and Torrie been cool for a minute and didn't he just buy her a truck? Now we getting petty details about how he left and he wasn't happy and Torrie is at fault for him fucking other women while married? Real bitch move from a bitch ass nigga.
If he were sleeping with multiple women while allegedly separated from Torrie he just admitted to Endometriosis that he was cheating on her while she was a side piece. Probably what her post was alluding to.

Kevin caping hard not to lose his co-star role in all his movies. Going to the extremes to portray a happy, family man. Nobody believes you Kevin. He deflects with the its a whole FBI thing and I can't talk about it. That's not what we want to hear about Kevin. We don't care about her trying to extort you. The FBI isn't investigating you cheating on your pregnant rib. We need your admittance to being a fucked up piece of shit the second go round.

He trying to fast talk, evade amd seem kike a victim by mentioning the FBI. The whole cause and reason of the investigation is because is because YOU STUCK YOUR DICK IN SOMEONE ELSE BESIDES YOUR OREGNANT WIFE.
You not owning up to shit by low key playing the victim about a smut trying to get paid. It happens everyday.
Talk about the main idea of the story. You fucked up because you a fucked up person.

He probably said something to her about the kids in the oic being off to the side and their backs turned to them and she gave him the but you cheated glare and he said sorry kids, she can take half my money.

Ugly little piece of shit.

Anonymous said...

Why don't KH just STFU he is not the first POS that cheated on his wife and left her for what he would call a better looking bitch. Motherfucka grateful his short ugly ass pulled a tall glass of water and he can help it he aint never letting go. Fuck you and your glorified ho. Merry Christmas you fucking Elf, Dwarf reindeer bitch.

Anonymous said...

Pure perfection 1:29! Nice touch at the end. ("O" and "P" are close together on the keyboard, I saw the typo)

Ma'at Morris said...

Kevin HART corny ass get on my nerves he dont lnow how to quit when he is ahead .....Whenever they go hollywood they lose they individuality and become apart of the entity .... aka The Machine which is selling ur human experience for fame and fortune ......He hate his ownself because when u treat a black mother and kids like he have u got to hate ur Mother........This is a Bitch Ass Nigga Love and Light

Anonymous said...

When Kevin entered the scene, this is when he seemed like a decent black man. I was rooting for him and hoping he would be different from a lot of the typical black Hollywood men we see. Nope! But instead we watched Kevin go and live play by play into becoming that typical black Hollywood male we've been seeing for years.

First, he wore the dress. Typical!
He began to put black women down. Typical!
His choice of women became lighter in complexion. Typical! This is prob just temporary until a Yt woman comes along.
He married what people claim is a Ho. Typical!
He also appears to be using drugs. Typical!

Anonymous said...

Why can’t these two attention whores cash their checks and go the fuck away!

I cannot wait until his career is in the toilet!!

Embryo ain’t nobody I would take advice from!!

Anonymous said...

Where is she better looking at?

Anonymous said...

Kevin Hart has shown himself to be a narcissist.

Anonymous said...

Bet money he steals the way we trash her name and use it in his routine.

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