Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Lewis Hamilton Called Out for Insincere Apology

This week race car driver Lewis Hamilton was forced to apologize after publicly shaming his nephew for dressing as a princess on Christmas Day [click here if you missed that].

"Forced" is the operative word here...
Lewis made his true feelings known after 'liking' a series of Tweets calling his apology PC nonsense.


Anonymous said...

Aw, my butt hurts (sadness face).

E-STROKES said...

This reminds me of how the gheys treated Isiah Washington. Even after he did all that they asked of him He is still not being allowed to work like he used to.

Even black celebs refuse to work with him. Black ppl kill me with carrying out these financial hits on other blacks because YT says so. Like dumbass kids.

The blowback is coming though. Then the gheys will be sorry for the over kill. Power though is really a drug.

Anonymous said...

please. if this fool never worked again... he has millions. He should not have talked to that child the way her did. i dont thing grown men (who claim to be straight) should wear nose rings but i dont tell them so.... who cares what people do. i have always thought this dude was gay. and if you think gay people have power!!!!!!!!! please. look outside LA NYC. Gays are treated like shit all over the US. We have no power. Isiah Washing was and still is a HOMOPHOBE> bo one should work with his UGLY behind.

prissa o said...

People can't even have their own damn opinion anymore!!! SMH!

It's conform to how society dictates you should think and feel or be shamed and boycotted for telling the truth according to your OPINION. This truth shaming and opinion shaming has got to STOP!

Anonymous said...

Lewis Hamilton is as gay as Christmas. Who does the fool think he’s fooling? He still ain’t found a decent beard yet lol

Anonymous said...

Now if he would of said " why did you ask for that hoodrat, nigger album" no one would be commenting this way. But you had no problem with lgbtq being on the frontlines of civil rights movements. ( not including Deray's phoney ass)

Anonymous said...

Y'all hop on the gay posts like it's a late Xmas gift but be silent with the pedophile post lmao. Sad we needed video footage to condemn black men of sexual assault on women and children but fuck that the gays are ruining the black community !! I pray God looks after the children in y'alls families.

Wanda Morris said...

I would have told his nephew that same thing. That's how Lewis really felt after seeing his Nephew in a Princess Dress. If you are famous today and all in the limelight its like you gotta Be for for that bull crap and say things you don't mean. I bet Lewis still want to put his shoes in the lil nigga 's azz What was he suppose to do? " Oh Nephew you look so adorable in your Princess attire" GTFOHWTBS
Most people would not say that

DeepSeas said...

The goal of UN, or the TPTB is to marginalize heterosexual males and anything associated with manhood and being a man. They want to feminize men in order to remove the male energy to allow for UN's AGENDA 21.

Men naturally reject and rise up against injustices and inhumanity especially when it puts their family in harms way.

How do they ensure the AGENDA is implemented without push back? You poison the food, water supply and repress male energy while exalting the homosexual and the transgender. You also start teaching little boys in preschool that they are neither male or female and that their genitals are not an indication of sex or sexuality.

A feminized over emotional population will be less likely to revolt against this evil plan that is currently being implemented.

This was a Hollywood PR stunt to push Agenda 21 and Lewis was in on it. It's a humiliation ritual that is a part of the price he is paying for stardom.

Anon said...

Lewis’ new hair plugs are on fleek

Anonymous said...


WE are losing our young men to this mess but yall don't see it.

the women who think this shit is cute are the same women complaining about not finding a suitable man to marry.

prissa o said...

@DeepSeas and 1:24

Y'all see straight through the bullshit! GOOD!

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