Friday, December 29, 2017

Mariah Carey Snubbed by the Royals?

Insiders claim Mariah Carey is upset after the royal family ignored her concert invitations...

From Star Magazine,
Despite her holiday concerts selling out in London, the diva is in a dither because every seat is filled with commoners.
"Mariah extended personal invites to all the young royals, including Duchess Kate, Princes William and Harry, and Meghan Markel," blabs a crew member. "None of them wrote back except Meghan, saying she was flattered but busy." 
It was a stinging insult for the Palace-obsessed pop star, who fancies herself more famous than the Queen of England. "Mariah assumed that not only would the family come to her show, she'd also be invited for high tea at the castle."
[January 1, 2018 Print Edition]


Anonymous said...

Delusion is a mental disorder

E-STROKES said...

REALLY???? Mariah thinks too much of herself. And she always dresses inappropriately for her age. At least Meghan responded.

Anonymous said...

The source is STAR magazine, really? I can't believe that folks jump for the carrot every time; hook, line, and sinker... smh.

Anonymous said...

She's looking mighty SUCCULENT in that top pic...

Anyway, I don't believe this story. Mariah has (for her ENTIRE career) only cared about her LAMBS. If anything, someone (her handlers) set her up with these invites to tear down her self confidence.


Love you!!! *smooches*

E-STROKES said...


This is a blog. Not an FBI investigation. Although sometimes the blogs do better investigating than the FBI.

YOU jumped too. So. Shrug. You can be wrong too.

Anonymous said...

Cracking up at high tea at the castle

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