Saturday, December 23, 2017

MC Lyte Criticizes #MeToo Movement

MC Lyte forced to explain herself after accusing women of only claiming sexual harassment if they were not attracted to the perpetrator...

After the backlash Lyte deleted the post and replaced it with this.


Anonymous said...

She has a point but she was insensitive with her delivery.

Anonymous said...

she told the truth. its only sexual harassment if a chick doesn't like your ass.

if she likes you, then its flirting.

Anonymous said...

She ain't lyin. Ask you daddy how he scooped your mama.

Anonymous said...

She just mad b/c the women she like not giving her any play since the in that fake marriage!

Anonymous said...

I'd be damned if I were on social media and wrote down MY take on something and a bunch of motherfuckers interested enough in me to FOLLOW me could make me delete it with their bitch asses.

Anonymous said...

Sexual harassment is sexual harassment. Whether the man is fine/you're attracted to him OR NOT.

The rampant sexual immorality that goes on in the entertainment industry would get the average corporate person FIRED or else.

Lyte agrees with it because she has grabbed a few pussies in her day, and still would be if it wasnt for societal pressures on gays to stay closeted.

Anonymous said...

I'm a woman who agrees with her, there's a fine line and it's based on the woman's perspective.

Anonymous said...


Sorry there's no "fine line". Sexual harassment is spelled out in every code of conduct that exists, whether it's in the job force, at a school, or any public social institution that exists. Your FEELINGS or RESPONSES to the advances doesn't change the definition of the term.

Anonymous said...

And LOL at Funk Flex's woman beating azz co-signing the post. Hilarity.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

She makes a valid point. Some people need to know boundaries. Therefore, shit needs to be clear. "harrassment vs flirting"
Flirting: verbal compliments; silent gestures (crotch grabbing not applicable) asking someone out on a date

Harrasment: unwanted touching; forced anything (kiss, grab); whipping your dick/tit; unwanted verbal sex talk

The gray area is "unwanted" sick people act like they can't determine if a person is interested or not. & Non confrontational people act like they're afraid to tell people to firmly to cut the shit

Anonymous said...

12:46 and 1:11 are correct

I can't believe the level of ignorance. Men know when they are abusing women. So please stop jumping to defend men who abuse their power.

Anonymous said...

Why we acting like women don't flirt with and even throw ass at a dude but the minute she can't get her way she cut him off then when he wants answers she say "he's harassing me"..we have a name for her....shes called a dick tease. Why we playin? Bitches do know the game yall!

Chrissy Snow said...

12:46 and 1:11 get it. So many are ignorant on this issue because the news and entertainment industry have done a great job of blurring the lines between what is and isn't appropriate human behavior.

Anonymous said...

For some of these women it’s only sexual harassment when things don’t pan out the way that they want them to. Not victim blaming, but I’ve worked in the corporate world and know what time it is. Trust. I’m a woman.

Anonymous said...

MC Lyte need to shut her ass up, how many pussies did she grab back in her days? some of these lesbians hate their own species just like some of these toxic ass males. The reality is sexual harassment has been going on unchecked for so long in some many different organizations, and yes there is bound to be scorned women who used their pussies as portfolio and when the man hit and quit, they want to scream sexual harassment, the reality is those are a very small percentage and is to be expected in this climate where, these predators are being exposed. Hell just a few weeks ago, I had to talk a friend out of filing a sexual harassment on a CEO of a big company, this trifling heiffa pursued the CEO, had him over her house screwing him after seeing who she really was he backed up off her, she though because her ass was pretty and spoiled she could game his nerdy ass up, when he backed up off her she got mad and called me screaming she's going to file a sexual harassment claim. I told that hooker that ain't no damn sexual harassment claim, you pursued him into a relationship and when you didn't get what you wanted, you want to file bogus charges, bitch have a seat somewhere. Again these type trollops are in the minority, so ms. Lana should also have a fucking seat, word on the street your little lesbian crew with Missy Elliot turned out many of females back in the day, and I'm willing to wager not all was consensual, probably why Tweet had a nervous breakdown and found Jesus. Word on the curb you bitches was just as predatory as the males.

Anonymous said...

Ok so @4:53 point taken. I'm sure Lute has her own personal issues..Lord knows we all do but I do agree that there is a predatory culture in the industry...but some of these snake ass hoes are bred and born a minute. The come out the womb with game. These types have been preyed on previously so flipping the script becomes sweet revenge and a means to survive...matter of fact like your friend they prey on men and eat them alive...its so much easier when you're pretty too cause men fall quick and hard for pretty.

Anonymous said...

She has a point. Ya'll know good and hell well if you think he's fine AND he got money, then it's on. And I'm a straight, black woman. Why you think sh*t like '50 Shades of Gray' is so damn popular? Cause the male character in it is young, good looking and a billionaire.

Let's be clear. And honest. While he has no right to force you to do anything you don't want to no matter who he is, you've got to be just as honest about your intentions as well.

Anonymous said...

Bill gates met His wife on the job
She was an employee of his. She worked for Microsoft when they met.

Obama met Michelle on the job. She was his boss at the law firm

Anonymous said...

@2:36 @4:50 @8:57

You all are here arguing about "intentions", when the discussion is and should be about what sexual harassment entails. The DEFINITION doesn't change regardless if someone likes it or DOESN'T like it, sexual harassment is sexual harassment. If one was to report it then that person could be subject to firing, even if they were "playing the game" at some point. This is exactly why you shouldn't play with fire in the first place. But humans being the social/sexual creatures that they are LOVE to cross that line. Just know that that LINE exists for a reason, to protect BOTH parties.

Anonymous said...

word on the street your little lesbian crew with Missy Elliot turned out many of females back in the day, and I'm willing to wager not all was consensual, probably why Tweet had a nervous breakdown and found Jesus. Word on the curb you bitches was just as predatory as the males.

4:53 PM

DING! DING! DING! DING! And you can ask Alicia Keys about that. No shade to lesbians but a lot of them will identify with the men on this subject because they done had their share of hoes and misused/abused at their will. Social media wasn't around in Lyte nem heyday so they feel they can get on a pedestal and preach. I think Queen and Missy know better though.

The Brain said...

what does her sexuality have to do with her opinion. she is not being accused of sexual harrassment. these long essays to prove your point is worthless if you cannot find a rebuttal without having you feelings get invovled

Anonymous said...

@The Brain


Anonymous said...

@The Brain


Women/men fucking to get ahead and workplace romances gone awry are two totally different topics and folks are deliberately trying to muddy the waters for some reason.

Anonymous said...

Lyte used an example of a manipulative woman who uses her wiles to get ahead in order to JUSTIFY the unrelated issue of sexual harassment just so she can go back and talk about the actual issue.

This was a deliberate attempt to garner attention for her irrelevant azz since no one cared about her since the 90's and nobody cared about her beard marriage. Pathetic.

Just an observation said...

Great way to belittle women who have been sexually harassed. No one said shit about flirting. I don't like when scorned bitches change the discussion on something so serious and rampant in the workplace. Motherfuckers know the difference between flirting and harassment. All Lyte did was basically cosign for the perpetrators.

Anonymous said...

@ 4:50 & 12:50 EXACTLY!!!

Granted, I've been sexually harassed at work before and I'm those situations if you don't shut it down at the very first instance immediately....then get ready for BS

When you wait weeks, months & years to speak out, you are doing yourself a huge disservice and help to cast doubt on your claims
( even if it's true )
Just by virtue that you allowed it to continue/ chose to stay for ANY length of time after the fact.

I've seen women screw their way up the corporate ladder #FACT
Happens often.

It's a game that they chose to play because they deemed the benefits to be worth it.

Some ONLY cry foul when they don't get their desired benefits...

As for the women who are/were in cut & dry sexual harassment situations I can both empathize & sympathize because I've been there and it hurts.

BUT you must take Action immediately
Do Not Wait !!!!
It only encourages the sexual bully to keep at it & makes it appear that you're comfortable with it.

This is a man's world ladies...

Chrissy Snow said...

You are correct in theory, 5:07. I was raped in college by an ex bf so I was already sensitive to being violated when I entered the work force. The first time I was harassed on the job, I reported my supervisor and the rest of the team for consistently making suggestive remarks about my body. At that time my field was dominated by older White men so I was screwed. After my report, I was shunned and shortly later let go for not fitting in with the corporate culture.

That situation showed me if I want to work in my field, I needed to develop thicker skin, keep my mouth shut and gain respect through my work.
It's not right but that's just how it was back then. I hope and pray these outings have scared corporations into toughening their sexual harassment policies.
Women who voluntarily sleep with men in exchange for favors are not be a part of this conversation. It's a ridiculous cop out for anyone to bring those types up as part of this argument.
It is almost 2018 and Americans are still unable to tell the difference between a victim and a willing participant.

Anonymous said...

@8:38 LYTE IS 1000000000000000% CORRECT

Women who use sex as weapon ARE aboslutely part of this conversation in the same regard as men who are in positions authority.

Both sides of the dynamic have power, and have discretion of its use and or ABUSE

Both are guilty equally. You seem to be discrediting the power of PUSSY!- and womens decades of using WHAT THEY GOT TO GET WHAT THEY NEED.- IN EVERY ASPECT OF LIFE.

Finally if your sexy and attractive or a heart throb- the sexual attention or lack there of is the topic of giggles, and hot flashes, and dick size topic- If your ugly YOUR UGLY ASS IS GETTING REPORTED.

Your interperations of corporate Policy and Training and the theoretical dynamics of "sexual harassment" amounts to an unrealistic bunch of meaningless mumbo jumbo.

People are biochemical, hormonal, and SEXUAL not talking head robots who just follow orders.




Anonymous said...

From 5:08
To 11:34 went all the way in.
I don't disagree with your comment
But my, my, my
Such abrasive ending. LoL

Honestly...I knew that if ANYbody was going to respond to my comment, it would be Chrissy Snow. For some reason my comments always provoke a response from her...for whatever reasons. But it's all good.

Sometimes we agree & sometimes we don't

The funny part is I haven't commented on this blog in 3 months, so yeah...i did laugh at her responding first at that

And the veiled attempt to separate liars from victims....

BUT you "handled" it before i could :)

Anonymous said...

"Your interperations of corporate Policy and Training and the theoretical dynamics of "sexual harassment" amounts to an unrealistic bunch of meaningless mumbo jumbo.

People are biochemical, hormonal, and SEXUAL not talking head robots who just follow orders."

You sound like a degenerate industry nigga. Sexual harassment in the workforce is an argument you will NOT win because it's already been outlined in thousands of code of conducts in jobs across the world. What goes on in Hollyweird and in the music industry is NOT the norm no matter what degenerates like you and Lyte would like us to believe. Now get over your bitterness over not getting pussy until you started making money. You're too old for that.

prissa o said...

Why don't you do an open post, Snitch?

Anyway - hello to all and I hope your holiday was pleasant.

And I will go back to my glass of WINE now. 🍷I'm off for the next week anyone have any good movie suggestions? The Den was pretty good.

Chrissy Snow said...

3:15 I have no idea who you are. Actually I don't see where we did disagree until you let 11:34 expose how you really feel. It's a shame that we can't share our differences of opinion without personal attacks. I'll try and ignore you from now on.

Hi Prissa o! Enjoy your time off!

Anonymous said...

@3:15 Thanks, I was 11:34

@4:41 Sexual Harrasment Policy is ineffective
take a look at the current media reports. Does it look like its been working. Its a fake "feel good policy" there is no real attempt in its structure to create change or adress the root physiological factors that create and contribute to the environment.Its time for a redo, a complete over haul .

Because reality is, human sexuality is the big fat elephant in the room and how men and women interact within that construct is what none of these corporate policys want to acknowledge.

Thats why I said its mumbo jumbo. In other Meaningless and ineffective

Anonymous said...

@ 12:00 ^^^^^^^^ All of this.

That is the basic truth that people are overlooking.

@ Chrissy Snow

Why didn't you address 11:34 directly ?

You took the passive- aggressive cowardly route as per usual.

THEN tried to be vindictive because you got called out. LOL

Your motives are VERY transparent...
You just think they are not.

That's why you cannot help responding to comments that expose you

Like i said, 11:34 shut you down
Deal with it:)

Anonymous said...

Thats why I said its mumbo jumbo. In other *words* Meaningless and ineffective

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