Thursday, December 14, 2017

Nelly Rape Case Officially Closed

Back in October rapper Nelly was accused of raping a fan during a tour stop in Washington State [click here if you missed that].

The prosecutor has officially dropped the case...
A statement released by the King County Prosecuting Attorney's Office reads,
"Police responded to and investigated a sexual assault allegation involving [Nelly]." 
"However, within days of her initial report to police, the complainant, through her attorney, informed investigators from the Auburn police department that she did not wish to assist in prosecution or the investigation of [Nelly]."


Candi said...

Glad to hear this.

Anonymous said...

nigga you are lucky. change your game up and tighten security.

I troll it like I see it. said...

The day's of misogyny and disrespecting women are are over. Yo ass was lucky go on and marry your transgender fiance, make music and lay low and leave lil white girls alone bringing them up on stage twirling their hair all creepily and shit.

Anon said...

@ 1204

fuck you!!!

there was nothing creepy about what he did. folks start saying that after the rape accusations came out.

your tone tells me you have an issue with Nelly and you wanted to see him in jail regardless if he did iot or nighht.

women like you are dangerous not men.

you see men losing their h=jobs not because the cops investigated them but of social media BUT the women will get theirs too.

other women will be hunting for your ass and trying get you fired. one of me female colleagues stated she hated working with other women at her last job because they were snooty and thought they were superior.

women are very catty towards one another and gay men hate women in general.

they will be trying to fuck your livelihood up.

Just an observation said...

Good for Nelly.

Sunno said...

Good. Now keep every bitch that aint Ms.JAckson off the tour bus.

Anonymous said...

1:15 fuck you bruh. Any grown ass man twirling his finger in a lil girl's hair, all up in her face smiling like a suspect need his ass whooped. Don't breed you stupid bitch. The world don't need more dumbasses like you running around Generation after generation

Anonymous said...

@Anon bitch shot the fuck up,that was some creepy shit foh...nigga serenading little girls playing with their hair and shit,fuck wrong with you?I bet you a low key pedo too

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