Monday, December 11, 2017

NeNe Leakes Lashes Out

Real Housewives of Atlanta's NeNe Leakes lashes out on Instagram against her critics...


prissa o said...

She needs to keep a short hair do. That long blonde wig makes her look very Afghan houndish.

No bueno.

Anonymous said...

That's that line she just sniffed!! Shut up you Raggley Georgia HOE


Anonymous said...

She reminds me of the daughter from that Good Fences movie.

Anonymous said...

2:17 I was thinking more of a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, but can see the Afghan Hound. Good eye!

Anonymous said...

Don't these people have real friends to talk to why do they go on long ass rants to the public. When Nene was satisfied with the direction her life was going with hob nobbing with YT she didn't have time to clap at haters. Now she is back in her lane and she is a threat. Never mind wishing people get raped and not addressing her jailbird son.

Anonymous said...

NeNe's raggedy ass is so ignorant and delusional. A threat to who?

Anonymous said...

Nene finally got her wish! She has officially transformed herself into Kim zolchiak! Twins right?

Anonymous said...

@ 3: 50 , yes she got on Kim Valley girl wig. Lol. They got the same surgeon and everything. They are black white version of each other.

Anonymous said...

The bitch needs to lash out at her plastic surgeon!! How many ways can you fuck up one nose. That shit look swollen and long as fuck.

I said it in the Phaedra post. Nene is beside herself with Porsha's good fortune. Why she not getting at Brat or Rickey? It's not Dish it's that Porsha is on Dish that had her calling that woman a bitch at least 37 times last night.
Everytime Porsha enters a room they all look her from weave to toenail polish. Then again.
It's envy because Porsha glowed up and they liked her timid and covered. Porsha on Star and Empire I think she has a swimsuit line and she is selling wigs plus she is on Dish daily and RHOA.
THIS is why Lenethia is mad.
This is why she defending Phaedra to whom she said you never win when you play dirty. She bringing Kandi into it to get her riled up but she was too busy eating as usual. Yet her and Kandi almost came to blows and didn't interact for many seasons.
What nene os doing is securing her role by picking with everyone slightly so she can go off and be the center of the reunion. She is acting like an ally now but come reunion time she will be lone and snapping those knuckles at everyone.

She questions Cynthia and Kenya yet when Cynthia cried over her and gave her a friendship contract it was all good.
She said Cynthia should be fired and she said Porsha and Phaedra should be fired. They SHOWED CLIPS and she is still screaming no she didn't.
She egged Porsha to the point she out her hands on Kenya, yet Kenya is defending her and never asked why she was covering Porsha's mouth.

She called Tootie's husband gay and stay talking about the community even in front of her gay boss.

She got up to greet Kim, but I didn't see her at Kim's wedding but Cynthia should be mad because her and Kenya just got close last season but nene has known Kim for years.

She told ALL Sheree business about being broke, encouraged her firing and never checked on her during the time she was gone but Porsha should have checked on her.
She has called Kim a racist in the past regarding Sweetie yet was going to do a show with her presently if kim had not bailed and so now she is a racist again.
Kim in her house throwing shit and trying to fight someone who was paying her dust and she goes outside to hug KIM. But then when the fake Kylie Briele comes for her it's war?
It was that episode that she followed Kim outside and hugged her and she and Sheree were making sure KIM was okay that Briele was filming roaches in her bathroom.
Nene can never focus on who her real enemy is because she is always too busy counting someone else's money.
Nene knows she is not a threat and that no one is jealous of her. She is off that Xscape tour and missing out on side money right now because of this very reason. HER BIG ASS MOUTH.

Just an observation said...

Porsche deserved every bit of Nene horse face ass dragging her. Nene is absolutely right. I'm tired of seeing Porscha dumb ass. Stay on Dish Nation because Rickie thirsty ass thought she was going to sleep with him. He was always hitting on her(sexual harassment) but when you trying to get coins bitches like Porscha don't care. Use that body to get your coins cause her brain is on level 1. Has to be to actually believe that bullshit Phaedra told her and then when confronted she stuck and don't want to reveal who said what. She can't think for herself. Nene made up with everybody she had issues with. No one is jealous of her pea brain ass so stop with that lie. Porscha nasty attitude is why she gets dragged. Dumb Underground Railroad, stupid bitch.

Anonymous said...

Soooo yea, Nene is jealous as fuck of Porsha's come up.
When you are sexy and take care of yourself men are supposed to be attracted to you.

Porsha's not the sharpest #2 pencil but she doesn't talk in that fake ass white lady voice and I bet she can say bridesmaid and organic.

Nene made up with everyone she tried to get fired or she made them come to her? Receipts please.
Porsha didn't do shit to Phaedra's lying ass. Andy even said he gave Porky an opportunity to redeem herself and she just sat there and THAT is why she was fired, ahe didn't give a fuck enough to fake remorse She while Porsha was crying and asked her why again she said you my friend what if something happened to you. She was STILL going with it!! That was not staged or fake. Phaedra thought Porsha was gonna take that heat for her and she didn't.
Phaedra let her get dragged on that trip and all she did was drink that drink while Porsha was getting attacked by the WHOLE table.

Phaedra's lying ass even turned on Kenya as a diversion after squashing the beef and taking a trip with her because she KNEW they would have gotten tipsy at that divorce party and that shit would have came up. So now she is nauseous and hates kenya for ruuning her marriage.
Porsha is a good friend. She didnt go to the restaurant opening she stayed at home and had a sleep over with Phaedra. She got attacked at that table and didn't name phaedra. They all went out on that trip and didn't invite porsha and phaedra went and porsha had no hard feelings.
Whn Phaedra faked being sick Porsha went and got some henny left them and went to Phaedra's room.

Nobody did shit to Phaedra but phaedra. Yall gonna blame that little bad ass boy not being Apollo's on porsha too?

Nene mad because Porsha has more than TREE jobs mon and she only has ONE.

Cinnamon said...

nene really mad because she is the only cast member with absolutely a sttand of hair look round her edges that wig glued all way round everyone else has head of hair she is conpletely bald ,even though cynthia keeps her natural hair short it is strong and healthy with healthy edges this is why nene so mad

Indi_flo said...

Burn all blonde wigs!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Nene looks wonderful with her naturally blonde hair.


Miss JI said...

Nene...smdh...Girl shut up.

Just an observation said...

Porscha and Nene need to shut up.

Just an observation said...

JDent, nobody cares what your coward anonymous ass think.

Anonymous said...

Nene is a bully no matter how you look at it

Anonymous said...

I thought that was Tamar Braxton.

Anonymous said...

She looks like a damn fool.

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