Wednesday, January 03, 2018

Detroit Man Turned Away From Erykah Badu's House

Erykah Badu addresses stalker reports after a Detroit fan turns up on her doorstep...

Dallas police detained a man on Monday who was allegedly found trespassing in singer Erykah Badu’s home.
According to a source, the singer called the man a “stalker” and alleged he flew from Detroit where she found him in her Dallas home. The man left the home and was later issued a criminal trespass warning, according to the source.
Erykah denies the break-in reports telling her fans,
"In response to a story about a stalker breaking in. There was no break-in. Stop It! Stop It! Story overblown. The only thing that happened was there was a kid on Twitter...followed me...had the hots for me...came over...wanted to look at some music with me... made a bad decision...decided that this might not be the best thing and left....That's it. Nothing else to it."


Anonymous said...

These stars will do anything to stay relevant. Her publicist started the stalker rumor. They think we the public are all idiots.

Anonymous said...

You sure that wasn't your groupie cops, Clay and em ? Chilling in your house.

Anonymous said...

Any stalker/stalking should be taken seriously. Whether it involves a Celeb or not

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