Friday, January 12, 2018

Donald Trump Labels Africa and Haiti S**thole Countries

Donald Trump under fire for wildly racist comments made about Haitian and African immigrants...

From Reuters
...lawmakers were describing how certain immigration programs operate, including one to give safe haven in the United States to people from countries suffering from natural disasters or civil strife.
One of the sources who was briefed on the conversation said that Trump said, “Why do we want all these people from Africa here? They’re shithole countries ... We should have more people from Norway.”
The second source familiar with the conversation, said Trump, who has vowed to clamp down on illegal immigration, also questioned the need for Haitians in the United States.


Anonymous said...

This is beyond outrageous. Trump need to remember that immigrants are fellow human beings who first and foremost should be treated with all due respect. While I do agree with him that they must come to the States in a legal manner they should by no means be degraded or belittled. Trumps time is up goddammit.

Anonymous said...

What a evil son of a bitch! I bet them Haitians about to put all kinds of roots on him.

Anonymous said...

Because US imperialism continues to rape and pillage them. Patriarchal forces in those countries are happy to sell out their own people to the US as well.

Africa is way bigger than most people no. He could never rule the continent of Africa… The US is a speck compared to the size of Africa . He doesn't even know but Africa is a continent and not a country. He is worse than Palin.

E-STROKES said...

This recessive gene orange rhesus monkey should've asked his thieving bastard ancestors.

We would still be known Africa if these PECKERWOOD crackers wasn't lazy as fuck.

NORWEGIAN are doing fine in Norway with their universal health care etc. That's why. This bitch will not make four years. Something has to send him back to Maralargo

Stay out of Africa stealing. Africa is still a paradise in that any resource needed can be found there.

Anonymous said...

Why are you all mad? At some point or another, maybe no the African nations, but we have all called Haiti a shithole. Why is everyone mad because the Trump said it? Have any of you seen Haiti?

Niyabinghi/ObeahWomanWarrior said...

He needs to be thrown out of office, this reckless disrespectful muthafukka, with not one ounce of sanity, who was selected by the white supremacy political system, must be held accountable. Seriously how long must this trainwreck be allowed to run amuck. He should be denounced worldwide and resign in shame that he does not possess and take his entire ilk with him. He is a shit hole president. What a fucking disgraceful poor excuse of a "president" make me want to pick up my staff, go in the wood, pour some rum, tap the ground call Legba and have the Ajogun and Iwin spirits released. This dusty bloated asshole got some of these white folks feeling themself. I had to check one this morning told that bitch, don't let trump get you fucked up in the game. You will fuck around and get a medical diagnosis that will take yo ass up off this planet.

Anonymous said...

President Trump is the Grand Wizard of the KKK

That is all.

Anonymous said...

8:37 Haiti ���� is that way because American and French foreigners have made it that way. Billions is sent to Haiti but only to the elites. They don’t have a standing army so America runs and operates Haiti.

DaisyDooks said...

Is it amnesia that causes folks to forget that Caucasians are not indigenous to this country or any other land on this planet?

To be indigenous or an autochthon, one MUST be the original occupant.

The only people who are original occupants everywhere are those who comprise Black/Negroid/AfRAkan ethnic groups or nations. The forensic evidence is in DNA, blood type and sound dialects.

For the record, Caucasians are criminal immigrants everywhere they reside.

The mission and objective of a Caucasoid mindset is essentially WHITE HEGEMONY. Caucasians are criminal pathologists innately. This programming is initiated from their permanently recessive gene code. Because of limitations (i.e. very low melanin/melatonin production levels) within their biology, Caucasians do not experience nature wholesomely. In their minds, they are entitled to take whatever they want, from whomever they want, whenever they want without permission or authorization. This is the basis of a CRIMINAL MIND.

Colorism and racism are distractions.

One MUST retool thinking to liquidate all KRAKKA DECEPTIONS and white stupidity with non-deceptive, non-contradictory facts.

We are for WHOM we have been waiting! AfRAkan FACTS will prevail...

E-STROKES said...


1000% IN AGREEMENT. I read that the English language they proclaim to have invented is actually from an AFRICAN DIALECT.

They also did not come up with the name America. The indigenous inhabitants had named it that centuries before they raped, rampaged and pillaged.

We actually don’t need them. Hell will have no fury when Black ppl figure that out. That is their fear.

Yes we have always been the ONE.

Anonymous said...

To all the idiots who did not vote now how do you feel?

If you are not woke something is wrong, Make America Great Again means when America was mostly all white and dominated everything.

E-STROKES said...


I voted. So now what. Your question SHOULD BE how Hillary MacBeth Clinton lose to DOnald Trump?

She knew she couldn’t win but she and her ilk cheated Bernie Sanders in every state in the union and found it hilarious. Her husband was a two term president. Shitty one. But ever what.

How fuckin’ bad do you have to be to lose to 45? Don’t use she won the popular vote. The CLintons know that the electoral college determines the president. That’s been the rule since the 1700s. But she got morons acting like she won.

The Dems didn’t want Bernie cause the gravy train would stop. Then her and her white girlfriends talking about it was “HER TURN”. WTF Presidency ain’t no make a wish foundation.

Part of me hates that Trump won. But there are days when I see white ppl lose their fuckin’ minds, I smile. I smile because my ancestors have lived under a lot of shitty presidents. I will deal.

They on the other hand gonna bust a blood vessel.

Anonymous said...

He obviously haven't had Haitian griot

Anonymous said...

All the black coons that supported voted Trump, I’m glad he’s making it known how he really feels about you! Hopefully you’ll get your wake up call and get out I the sunken place by 2020 but I doubt it.

Anonymous said...

Dont be outraged Just remove him

E-STROKES said...


That’s not the way it works. Bill Clinton was impeached did he leave? Impeachment is kinda like you get a written on your job.

I wish it were that simple. But white folks designed this system to protect them.

Anonymous said...

Africa isn't a country, it's a continent.

prissa o said...

@DaisyDooks- thank you for that knowledge.

Class dismissed!!!

Just an observation said...

Im so sick of this man. Republicans aren't embarrassed, they are just waiting for him to destroy the bills signed by Obama. They're leaving their jobs because they don't want to be blamed for Trump's disasters. Trump is going to get his and it will be ugly. Unfortunately , he will leave a shitstorm to clean up.

Anonymous said...

Meanwhile Russian women are allowed to deliver babies in the United States in Florida while staying at one of Trumps hotel!

Urban Rosebud said...

@Daisy Dook. BRAVO again Sis. Please do not let the trolls drive you away.

Anonymous said...

@DaisyDooks Caucasians aren't indigenous to planet earth. Which explains why they burn from the sun. I'm still studying to understand how they got on this planet. Whether they entered through a portal from a planet several light years away from the sun or what. The destruction and havoc that they create wherever they go leads me to believe that they are the true offspring of the fallen angels that laid with the race of beings on the planet they are really from, and those offspring being the Nephilim or who we refer to as Caucasians. There's a reason why so many books of the bible are intentionally left out, and why Caucasians have revised it in their favor, and added the New Testament in order to keep Blacks, who are indigenous to planet earth, submissive to them. I believe that is the hidden truth about them that they don't want us to know.

Anonymous said...


@Daisy dukes>>>>!!!!!!!!!!

See there you go again and I'm LOVING it because it's nothing but TRUTH.
If there ever was a time for us to come together....ooooooh!
We have the power we've had it all along. I refuse to lose faith in us as a people. WAITING on then isn't an option anyway but even if it passing.

@E STAND UP GIRL! That's what I'm talkin bout! *handclaps*
Ok I'm going to Google Rhesus monkey cause that shit was funny. Lmaoo

DaisyDooks said...

"1000% IN AGREEMENT. I read that the English language they proclaim to have invented is actually from an AFRICAN DIALECT."

@E-STROKES - Correct. That sound dialect is IGBO. Jews authored English using stolen Igbo sound codes. IGBO sound fractals can decode and uncloak sound deceptions within any language. IGBO is a maternal language that communicates directly with base 8 nature. Sound causes action.

"They also did not come up with the name America. The indigenous inhabitants had named it that centuries before they raped, rampaged and pillaged."

@E-STROKES - Numerous BLACK TRIBES are the indigenous inhabitants of North, Central and South America. White Spanish-speaking Mexicans are not 'natives'. They disingenuously claim Olmec-Vai heritage since they are amalgamated upgraded containers of Type O blood. Negroid Blacks precede migrant rhesus monkey Asians who mixed with us and reproduced the red Indian who is misnomered as 'native american'.

I shut down all Hispanic deceptions using IGBO.

"We actually don’t need them. Hell will have no fury when Black ppl figure that out. That is their fear."

@E-STROKES - Correct! Brilliant post! Blacks have temporary amnesia of who, and more importantly, what they are. Our ancestors gave us the codes and left overwhelming evidence of our DNA legacy as PRIME BASE AUTOCHTHONOUS BEINGS on this planet to restore our connection with the spirality or spirituality of eternal geometric forces aka nature---the root source of intelligence and creativity. After all...Black people are nature's representatives.

Those Blacks who align with their heritage and embrace their true culture of natural numbers will be able to restore SELF-AUTHORITY, SOVEREIGNTY and AUTONOMY. Those Blacks whose psyche remain deeply-entrenched with the corrupted pathologies of Caucasians will cause their own demise.

"Yes we have always been the ONE.


AfRAka's greatest export to the world is CIVILIZATION.

Europe's greatest export to the world is CRIMINALITY (anti-CIVILIZATION).

Forces govern everything.



The forces that supported the dominion of straight-haired recessive numerator Caucasian/Asian groups are expiring so that we can enter a new TIME CYCLE where dominant forces will be MAGNETIC and FEMININE. The current era that is ELECTRICAL and MASCULINE is fading out. The fraud and deception of LIGHT/WHITE will be displaced with truth and non-deceptions of DARK/ it was in the beginning.

E-STROKES said...

@ Daisy Dook

If you taught a class I would sign up in a heart beat. We speak the language the way it's supposed to be spoken. Our lips embrace the language of the motherland. They have no lips. Even when they inflate their lips they don't fit. They look like trout. Truly.

They knew if we kept speaking our own languages we would not allow them to enslave us.

Said before. Sometimes I think of some slang or new sentence structure. I look around and other black that I don't know or ever met, or are living faraway are speaking the identical word/phrase. WE ARE CONNECTED.

We do so many things so easily because it is in our DNA since the OOZE. We are not monkeys. To me our downfall was being enamored with the monkey, letting it live in the house and breeding with it

There were group of rogue vandals centuries ago called the Hittites. Everywhere they went they caused death and destruction. Then stole other tribes cultures because they had none of their own.

I also believe whitey took their asses to Africa and Middle East during the crusades and became jealous and vowed to steal and deceive.

I'm not religious because even as an elementary school kid, that shit made no sense. A white woman I knew persuaded me to go to her church. I was running late. She called me back just as I was leaving. They were done with service. Their service was 20 minutes. Makes sense. If you know it's a lie why prolong.

It is so refreshing and rewarding to blog with someone like you. If you have a book I would buy it.

E-STROKES said...

Funny account of Julius Caesar. The Romans went to Africa for the animals they slaughtered in the colleseum. It was said that Caesar said. Paraphrasing. 'let's go down here and get what we gon get and don't start no shit. Everybody know how to fight. Men, women and children. We are warriors that is why we still rise.

We were excellent arrowsmiths and when we went to battle our arrows were so abundant we covered the sun. Others called it the land of darkness. Not just because we were black.

Anonymous said...

This informative dialogue is why I love RWS.

DaisyDooks said...

@E-STROKES - I have to run out and complete a few errands, but I will return to respond your posts. I'm enjoying this exchange.

E-STROKES said...

Yes. I have errands too. But I was enjoying myself so much I rescheduled. Look forward to chatting later.

Anonymous said...

@DaisyDooks and @E-STROKES... let's also talk about the fact that the CAUSCOIDS wore curly ass wigs (ugly ones at that) when they wanted t represent positions of power.. i.e. judges and presidents! it's still practiced in the U.K. till this day. they are so enamored by us and want to be us so bad!!!!!

E-STROKES said...

@anon 4:16

I was thinking hair in our next conversation! See what I mean about we’re connected? I can totally believe you.

My hair observation. I saw an ancient drawing of a battery. The coils was like our natural hair. Our hair is our source of power and it is how we connect to one another. In the past hundred years we have straightened or permed our hair etc.

Those times when we have worn our hair in its natural state is when we have been the most conscious and in touch with our ancestors. Black power, civil rights, Brotherhood Sleeping Car Porters, Black Lives Matter.

Notice how YT is always bitching about hair? They know our secret power is our HAIR. Also I find it baffling that YT always said that they didn’t know who our ancestors are but yet the Mormons got databases of records pertaining to our ancestors.

Who told them to keep the records? I submit to you they know where we all belong on the continent. Like social media they recorded their crimes. I’m pissed that our ancestors were brutalized while building this country. Yet we have to pay for our records,

They would have stolen the best, brightest and strongest first. How else would they populate thriving slave trade?

In my research I found that the slavers had a plantation in Cuba. It was called NOAH’S ARK. What a way to ridicule their own bible. Enslaved Africans from every country’s on the continent. When they held auctions they would transport groups of them to the U.S.

The Egyptians pretend they were first. That’s a big lie. The head waters of the Nile is in deepest Africa. IF Africa decided to withhold the Nile then there would be war because the Egyptians know they will die without Africa’s water.

You’re right they are enamoured with us. What’s hilarious to me is that they inject all that poison into their bodies trying to be us. They are on the opposite end of the self hate spectrum.

Lastly our ancestors were living to the ripe old age 100 on the continent. Humph. We ain’t No joke.

E-STROKES said...


Another thought about hair. We could very well be the Sampson they speak of in their bible.

Goliano said...

Fuck that bloated, racist bitch!

DaisyDooks said...

@E-STROKES - My apologies for late follow-up...

"If you taught a class I would sign up in a heart beat." <---Although my purpose and passion is teaching, I remain a life-long student of wisdom. I have the greatest appreciation for indigenous spiritual sciences and languages because they confirm, what is self-evident within my DNA, how exceptionally brilliant our ancestors were. Everything they did was in code.

Our ancestors had the foresight of knowing that invaders would cause unspeakable horrors, abuse, exploitation, devastation, suffering, war and trauma to autochthon-occupied lands, steal indigenous real estate, intellectual properties, artifacts and resources, then claim to be the owner/author/originator.

Our ancestors knew that invader criminal systems would facilitate imposition of foreign religions, foreign languages, foreign indoctrination misrepresented as education that would cause autochthons to experience long-term amnesia, forgetting our identity, languages, culture and technologies, etc.

Thank GOODNESS our ancestors were highly intelligent and clever about the geometry of ABSTRACT FORCES. They knew that forces not only govern allmotion, movement, action and operation, but also produces MIND, TIME and SPACE. Because of this mastery of forces, they invented the CALENDAR.

They knew what would happen in an electrical (+) TIME CYCLE versus a magnetic (-) TIME CYCLE. They knew which forces would be weak and which would be strong in transition of TIME. For example, in an electrical era, masculine forces (+) are strong, feminine forces (-) are weak. In a magnetic era, feminine forces (-) are strong, masculine forces (+) are weak.

It is an indisputable, non-contradictory fact that the MIND is the greatest advanced state-of-the-art technology, not computers, not machines. It is abstract (meaning non-physical) and force-based. The MIND only understands symbols and numbers. Therefore, our ancestors preserved evidence of our legacy using symbols and numbers so those who initiate themselves into SELF-MASTERY using communications via fractal concentration levels to access MIND, they would be able to decode and extract what our ancestors archived to facilitate recovery and restoration of our identities, languages, culture and technologies. We would solve our own problems and reclaim SELF-AUTHORITY, SOVEREIGNTY and AUTONOMY. We are for WHOM we have been waiting...

An example of code via sound fractals:

Yoruba | Oyinbo = Caucasian
Igbo | Oyibo = Caucasian

Our ancestors identified the nature of the Caucasian through their DNA matriculation sound --> O:YI(n)BO = FALSE-IMAGE-NUMERATOR!

Yi: Phase-Copy/Similarity/Cloaking
Bo: Leveraging into NUMERATOR Position

This sound fractal identifies the Caucasian as a 'false copy/image of the original' as he is a genetic mutation of indigenous origins. The code also reveals the Caucasian's propensity to COPY everything from what we CREATE then INNOVATES by hook or by crook leveraging themselves on TOP! It has been witnessed how the Caucasian re-invents, re-designs, re-creates, re-builds, re-engineers, re-constructs, re-discovers...the works of others and take credit as the source origin.

IGBO is devastating at liquidating deceptions through sound.

NOTE: SOUND causes action defining the SHAPES warping the SPACE harvesting the COLOURS that are WAVES decoding the NUMBERS that confirm the PRESSURE yields of the FORCES of MIND-concentration!!!

E-STROKES said...


Thanks for your response. I always get so much out of your posts. They're so deep that I have to re read several times. I was talking to my son in 2013. He was remarking about how bad things have become. I told him that I had begun to FEEL the pendulum swinging to the other /better side. I have always felt and heard the guidance from my ancestors since I can remember myself. It used to frighten me. Now I allow them to immerse my spirit in their knowledge. I remember the landmarks they show as a guide to my best outcome.

Sound creates action! There was an electrical shock that went through my body in recognition of THAT TRUTH.

My aunt JM used to go to the root worker for guidance. We'd be sitting in car all day waiting for her to get her message. I never saw that it made any difference in her life. She eventually stopped going.

For me I just open myself up and in comes the ancestors. True story. I had tire blow out on a major on a highway. I remembered my uncle telling me how to handle a car in that situation. I did what I was told. 3 other women in the car. No one had a scratch.

I later spoke to my uncle to thank him. He said he never told me that. WHAT? That was knowledge I'd carried with me since I was a child.

The knowledge could've only come from one place. My ancestors. I agree with you that they knew we would be in spiritual, emotional, and physical darkness for centuries. They had to have seen the change in their own ppl toward yt ppl living among them.

I read a little about the igbo language. It is so interesting and on my list of things to learn this year.

I look forward to chatting with you in the future.

Yes the tide is turning. I agree with you. Some of us will rise. Some won't.

DaisyDooks said...

@E-STROKES - Keep this page bookmarked as I will update it with responses as time permits.

"I have always felt and heard the guidance from my ancestors since I can remember myself." <---This statement stood out to me because it confirms you think from MIND/SPIRIT. You are in tune with your own forces. You have to be in order to connect with your ancestors.

Our connection to our X and Y ancestors is through our mtDNA which contains the accounting of generations. mtDNA resides in every cell. Cellular communications is powered by forces--magnetism, electricity (voltage) and TIME.

Indigenous systems aka sciences are about ASTRAL/NEURAL/DNA communications.

Unfortunately, we have been dumbed down and regressed since our exposure to Caucasoid languages, criminal culture and social systems.

The time to heal ourselves and restore communications with nature is NOW.

No one can save us, but us! It requires engaging SELF-THINKING POTENTIALS.

To be continued...

E-STROKES said...

Man the things we can discuss about the ancestors. Whew. I don’t know where to start with all that I know and have researched. I never believed that Nat Turner was the lone rebel during our ancestors time being enslaved here.

Thanks for the confirmation of my mind and spirit being with them. The dumb down part is so true. But I was given to my grandmother by them to raise and she never belittled me or treated me poorly. She even let me decide at 12 if I wanted to continue church. I didn’t. The power she gave to me in that one act has carried me through so many difficult decisions.

I am especially connected to my female ancestors. I believe they experience things thru me that they never dreamed of doing themselves. Wherever I am I am not alone.

I don’t know or explain our connections to them the way you do, but I get it!!! Your revelations are so intelligent and forward thinking. I feel the power of the message. I graduated college because my grandmother said that I should always understand what ppl were saying to me. I think how hard it must have been for them to not know in such a hostile environment.

She said that I should be opened to learning something new everyday. Power was shown to me when as an elementary school student I read to her friends who also could not read and they cried. THEY CRIED. EDUCATION IS POWER. That’s why black kids continue to be discouraged to complete their education.

I accidentally found the PROOF that they were fighting YT constantly. I was going through census records from the 1800s looking for my relatives. I happen to glance at a column heading. This is a federal document so for them to use that column to write:


This tells me that these warriors which many of them were prisoners of war anyway were were not passively being enslaved and brutalized. They make me so proud to know my/your ancestors were taking it to the white ppl regularly.

I have bookmarked the page for our future updates. I did no edit this time. Doing some research for work today so I’m kinda short on time. But our conversations I would not miss for anything.

Be Well.

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