Saturday, January 20, 2018

Instagram Live Video Sparks Kodak Black Raid

Yesterday rapper Kodak Black was arrested in Broward County, Fl after police raided his home while Kodak was streaming live on Instagram [click here if you missed that].

Turns out a live stream is the reason he was arrested in the first place...

According to reports the raid resulting in Kodak Black's arrest was prompted by a previous live stream of Kodak and his friends smoking weed and handling guns around a small child.

At one point a lit blunt was observed close to the child's face but Kodak did not remove the child from the room.

The raid also turned up nearly 95 grams of weed and several weapons including one stolen gun.

Kodak is being held without bond on suspicion of committing child neglect; two counts of possession of a weapon and ammunition by a Florida delinquent; grand theft of a firearm and two counts of violating probation.

The 20 year-old rapper's older brother Masnik Sainmelus was also arrested for suspicion of possessing cannabis, codeine and Xanax.

None of the other four adults who appeared in the video, and also live in the house, were arrested.