Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Is Venus Williams Engaged?

Pro tennis player Venus Williams sparks engagement rumors after hiding her hand from the paparazzi...

From The Daily Mail
Venus Williams, 37, set tongues wagging when she was pictured sporting an eye-catching diamond band on her ring finger as she walked through Sydney Airport with her millionaire boyfriend Nicholas Hammond, 25, on Tuesday.
The tennis ace beamed as she wandered through the terminal, concealing her hand under a large straw hat as she was joined by her mother Oracene Price, 65, and sister Isha, 42.
Go here to see the pics.

Fun Fact: Nicolas Hammond is an heir to Walter Annenberg’s TV Guide fortune.


Anonymous said...

Good for her. She deserves happiness, as most of us do.
Now watch the DBRs who never wanted her, all have titty attacks. Lolol

Anonymous said...

I’m confused, at Serena’s wedding it was reported that he is gay and she was paying him to escort her to the wedding. Now he is a millionaire from Australia?

Anonymous said...

No love for the sisters as usual, that's why black Americans will never suceed...many of you are so filled with self-hatred that the "very idea" of someone else finding love & happiness only makes you more bitter!
BTW...the Williams sisters are beautiful...intelligent and very talented.

Anonymous said...

She's not a nice person maybe this will help

Just an observation said...

Good for her.

Anonymous said...

"His Mom Is Socialite Dana Hammond & He’s Heir to Walter Annenberg’s Fortune"

"Hammond is one of three boys born to well-known socialite Dana Hammond and her ex-husband, James. She remarried Dr. Patrick Stubgen, a South Africa native who works as specialist in neurology at Cornell University and New York Hospital, in 2007.

Hammond is an heiress — which makes Nick Hammond an heir — to Walter Annenberg’s TV Guide fortune as Dana Hammond’s grandmother and the late Walter Annenberg were siblings. Walter Annenberg passed away in 2002. He owned and operated Triangle Publications, a company that included ownership of publications like TV Guide and Seventeen Magazine.

Suffice it to say, Nicholas Hammond’s family is very wealthy. They own property all over the country, and sources have told the New York Daily News that Hammond has invited Williams to at least two of his family’s estates.

“Nicky has met up with Venus in Palm Beach, where his family has a $20 million mansion as well as in the Hamptons, where they have a $20 million house,” a source shared."

More on his mom, asking an employee to get a prospective maid to complete an HIV test. Wth.


Niyabinghi/ObeahWomanWarrior said...

Good for her, gwaan tru Venus.

Anonymous said...

Lol @ 11:35am! Titty attacks....lol!

Anonymous said...

Venus needs to take that damn Morticia Addams wig off her head. Venus Sis no ma'am. You are not getting a pass with that wig on.

Anonymous said...

She looks so much like the actress that was hired to be New York's mother sister padderson or whatever.

Anonymous said...

6:50p but you have to admit she done came a loooong way from them little white beads.

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