Thursday, January 25, 2018

Jesse Williams Accused of Violating Custody Agreement

Actor Jesse Williams' estranged wife Aryn Drake-Lee accuses the actor violating of their custody agreement...

According to reports Aryn Drake-Lee is accusing Jesse Williams of violating their custody agreement by introducing their children to his new girlfriend.

Per the agreement the kids are prohibited from meeting new mates until the relationship is at least six months old. Aryn claims Jesse has taken the kids on vacation with a woman he's only been seeing since October and that the kids call her 'Mama C.'

Aryn wants a judge to enforce the terms of their agreement and set a more formal visitation schedule.


Unknown said...

I heard his new girlfriend is actually a boyfriend.

Anonymous said...

This guy is weird - crazy weird.

Anonymous said...

This is the problem with women..they don't let go.

He don't want got your money..noq you're being petty.

I see why ge left your ass.

Anonymous said...

I bet he wishes he had kept his penis in pants and stayed with her, she is now going to make his life a living hell. He hurt her and hurt people; hurt people!

If he's one minute early for visitation, he'll have to wait outside and if he's five minutes late, the cops will be there to greet him while she's filing an Amber Alert and kidnapping charges on him. Smdh

The kids calling someone they just met a couple of months ago, "Mama C", is out of line.

E-STROKES said...

@@@@@ 11:02

Petty. Trifling. Shiftless is you. A mother always fights for the mental, emotional, financial well-being of their children.

The fact that she bore those kids IN WEDLOCK tells me she was trying to set up the best possible environment for their future speaks volumes.

Jesse is angry because he torched his family and now wants to be allowed to act like he was cheated on.

He didn't let her go. She filed for divorce. The court set rules for the couple to follow. He won't. I wouldn't be surprised if he gets his visitation cut back.

Jesse is nothing to let go of. I am sure she has discovered that by now.

Anonymous said...

^^^ Wrong he was the one who filed for divorce. You can tell by her actions that she is STILL angry, bitter and hurt and rightfully so. I hope for their kids sake she can let go of the pain and anger she obviously still feels towards him.

There is no timeline when to let go of it but hopefully she will in the near future and then I hope she meets someone that will love her and her kids.

E-STROKES said...

You're right he did file for divorce first. Which is typical when you get busted on front street and want to try to protect your image and coins

Jesse is the one who is bitter. When a man tells his TODDLERS to call another woman mama. That's the bitter bitch.

He has supposedly moved on yet he is constantly harassing those kids mother. Doesn't look like he's moved on. Sounds like he wanted his cake and..
He fuckin somebody new, most men do that. That doesn't mean that that he's not bitter.

Anonymous said...

This is all on Jesse. He made his bed and now has to lie in it. I knew it was more to the story than THE BITTER EX WIFE routine that even women swallow.
He is being a creep. If the paperwork says 6 month, THEN WAIT 6 MONTHS.
Stop with the childish games & then cry victim, when you are exposed.

Anonymous said...

12:53- I don't think he wants her back, hell to be honest I believe if he wanted her back he could eventually have her but he clearly has and wants to move on. The only two times he took her to court was when she'd "allegedly" purposely have the kids so he couldn't have his visitation and rarely let them face time but every other time, she was the one who took him to court. We know she takes him to court for coughing in the car with the kids and not covering his mouth correctly, what has he done to harass her?

The kids calling another woman "mama" is a no go. The thing is, he's able to move on with his life because he's a no good asshole who checked out of his marriage long before filing for divorce. Once she finally lets go of her anger and pain, she will be able to move on too. Now that's when all hell is going to break loose. Everything is all good while he is the only one dating and expecting her to be okay with their kids around other women but I bet shit will hit the fan when she has her kids around another man.

Anonymous said...

@1:32PM You are ABSOLUTELY right.

Anonymous said...

All she has to do is lose weight, she's pretty

Anonymous said...


that's asking too much...for her.

she had that pretty nigga and was the envy of her friends and family.

she felt so blessed that he chose her lil' fat self to marry.

she knew that he was too good for her and that he could do better.

how much you wanna bet some of her "ryde n' die" sista girl were trying to fuck him behind her back. sending him sex text and buck nekkid selfies.

Anonymous said...

Funny how just a year ago all Black women (and men) were calling Jesse woke as fuck and damn near crowning him the Wokest Activist of The Year for ONE damn speech he made at the NAACP image awards.

I for one was not impressed...just like I wasn’t impressed with Oprah.

And look where we are today.

Life comes at you fast, don’t it!!

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