Monday, January 22, 2018

Kim Zolciak Backtracks on Kandi Burrus Sex Claims

Last week Real Housewives of Atlanta extra Kim Zolicak called Kandi Buruss and her husband Todd swingers and accused Kandi of propositioning her for sex [click here if you missed that].

Now Kim says it was all a misunderstanding...

Kim Zoliciak tells Bravo
"I need to address this stuff with Kandi: Saying I wouldn't let someone "lick my box" is totally and completely different than saying she TRIED! There have been points in my friendship with Kandi where there has been tension, disagreements, etc. and out of my knowledge about how open she is with her sex life, I jokingly said the tension might be from me not letting her lick my box. I never said the phrase, "I swear on my kids I wouldn't let her lick my box." Two different sentences said at two different times. All that being said, Kandi and I both know what has gone on during our entire friendship and for her to react the way she has was alarming to me and shows just how far the disconnect is after being gone so long. I had and do have a friendship with Kandi, and I have dealt with this the way friends should."