Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Lewis Hamilton Out with Nephew Dressed as a Princess

Last month race car driver Lewis Hamilton came under fire after shaming his nephew on social media for wearing the princess dress he received for Christmas [click here if you missed that].

Lewis goes into damage control overdrive...
Over the weekend Lewis Hamilton was spotted at Disneyland Paris holding hands with his nephew who was proudly dressed as Rapunzel.

Go here to see the pics.


Anonymous said...

This whole thing was an orchestrated PR stunt from him “shamming” the child on social media to the apology and now the grand finale of him parading around with the boy in the dress.

�� Spare me

Miss JI said...


L. Eller said...

How sway? We just got back from Paris and it was rainy and cold. These pics look like it is spring time. The weather was 51 degrees that day. Interesting .....

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Im 36. My son will not be doing that princess shit....he's a boy and will be treated as such. When he is old enough to make that decision, it is what it is. Telling a little child its ok to be the opposite sex when they're already just trying to learn how to be a human being its past ridiculous

Anonymous said...

@2:05 PM You are correct. Satanic one

Anonymous said...

But So Does
The Carters
W/ Blue

The Wests & Pitts ...

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The Roles R Reversed
The Men R Women
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R Men...

Signs & Symbols
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The Beast
Lol Wh@ U Thought
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It Is A Salute
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Anonymous said...

But what is that sh*t on his head though....?

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