Friday, January 12, 2018

Mary J Blige Gives Emotional Speech for Hollywood Walk of Fame Induction

Mary J. Blige gets emotional during her Hollywood Walk of Fame acceptance speech...


Anonymous said...

Go Mary...always and forever the Queen of this here shit

E-STROKES said...

What’s up with that blonde mop on her head though. I’ll chalk it up to bad divorce. THIS time.

Anonymous said...

Love Mary!!! She's been to hell and back but never gave up. Keep going girl, the best is yet to come. Watch what God do.

Anonymous said...

Those stars are bought by the artist et al.

Anonymous said...

well, then who bought that mop she wearing?

Anonymous said...

Can ya get emotional about that blonde broom on top of your head tho? Damn, when we gonna stop doing that shit?

Anonymous said...

Go Mary!!! The love she was sending and receiving is beautiful! I'm happy to see her shine;)

Just an observation said...

I'm glad she is still staying strong and doing her.

Anonymous said...

@E and 10:59


When I saw this yesterday all I could think was wtf authorized that struggle bun on top yo head?
I was like she know damm well that photo gonna be used for years to come.
They would have had to do something with
That hair or We'd have to reschedule.

Tippie Toes said...

Yes the wig is Major Distracting CONGRATS TO HER ACHIEVEMENT

Anonymous said...

Omgodt!!!!That is what making music is all about. Creating from the heart, mind and soul. I'M soooooo thankful for being in that era of time. We are the believers that it can be warned and it is destined for a reason not for selfish reasons. Mary I have 10x times more respect than I ever did from a truly truly fan that kept it down from day 1. Congratulations it is welled earned from the peace of my heart. Love will conquer evil, always.

Anonymous said...

MJB is the epitome of NY R&B and Hip Hop I love her and always will. Congratulations Mary!

I troll it like I see it said...

I love Mary but I just can't take that ugly ass blond dead yt girls hair, she looks good otherwise and puffy look good too.

Your Highness said...

Shut the hell up ya'll wtf!! Her speech was beautiful.

Anonymous said...

^ I think Mary is cool too and congratulations are definitely in order but......that hair? Lol c'mon now boo. It gotsta GO!

Anonymous said...

This is no honor, HOLLYWOOD IS BURNING

Wrong place amd topic for an emotional speech

Who owns the hollywood walk of fame, who lets you in.

That walk of fame is a walk or shame, she is having her name added to the list of rapist, pedos, murderers and racist

Anonymous said...

It's hard to get pass that damn ugly ass wig on her head. No ma'am I just can't. Who ever put that wig on Mary's head should be shot between the eyes.
Oh yes congratulations Mary!!!

Anonymous said...

You can tell thet every single cunt that commented on her hair, which she can afford to change at her will is a greasy, hoodrat bitch with pounds of foundation and a dry ass flaky weave or a nasty wendy williams wig.

FOCUS youn stupid bitches!!! This woman has been to hell and back. Abuse physically, drug use, career abuse ie; Faith stealing her image, an asshole trying to extort her after being exposed for cheating on her.

My Life is the greatest album of all time and whats the 411 is second and not goin cry could not have been sung by ANYONE else.

She is the queen of remixes and not being able to dance didn't take away from her unlike Mariah's stiff lopsided eyed ass.

But you vain insecure bitches oh her hair, her hair.

Learn to not be so superficial BITCHES and learn what the fuck talent is.

Mary taught grown women how to live, not be embarrassed to love and if it failed how to deal with heartbreak.
Now you little bitches listen to niggas tell you how you not good enough, you need to be on drugs and how your hair type, complexion and your body parts don't fulfill they gay ass needs to lay pipe in another dudes anal cavity.

FOCUS BITCHES. Real women stand together, not tear each other down.

Yet saluting a bitch that stole Mary's QUEEN title and Little Kim's BEE title.....
confused little mother such and such

Anonymous said...

@11:16 Your message sounds like you are Mary, I know her writing style.Maybe your are not, so be it, but let me say this.

The hair was a bad choice, every single blog agrees, most people dont like it. SO WHAT

Mary chose music as a career, and alot comes with that, I wish you could have read an old interveiw she did where she mentioned sleeping with various men in the industry to open doors, and that she would not change a thing, if she had a second chance to do it over. She said it was worth it.

Truth be told, she got around-and got passed around-the ones that have a no holds bar- no restriction at all on anything sexual including the same sex get more opportunies- thats just how it is- Rita Ora is a good example.

You have to decide if its worth it- so called selling your soul- Mary chose her poisen and pain

The Hollywood walk of shame-she has finally arrived.

Anonymous said...

^^^ YOU sound like that freckled faced hoar that was living under a bridge Brianna.

What's your source for this interview? Where was this said?

You know her writing style huh? Does it include cutting out letters from magazines and gluing them to paper ala a fake ass randsome note from the 70's Brianna?

Anonymous said...

11:16pm Mary we know it's you. Relax you need to do a better at picking wigs and men. You are a failure at both.

Anonymous said...

@1:12 Boy that coke is kicking in real good huh

lol lol, slow down Mary before you have a stroke

Anonymous said...

@1:45 AM Retard...every woman who's in the music GOT cheated on. Dumbass, everyone in the music industry wore a wig. Come Again! Quit finding some hate and get your life.

Anonymous said...

What in the blonde hell. . .

Anonymous said...


& Trans Sexuals

Yes Mary Is A Beast.
They All Are #MenInDrag

Wake Up Or Burn 100

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

lol!! I swear I wish I had the money you all say I have. Every single time I post on ANYONE I then am that person.

I'll just chuck it up to having emotions and knowing how to feel other people's pain.

Plus I don't wear wigs or weaves so they are not important to me when I'm reading about someone's success.

Carry on. Like Mary has time to be on RWS LOL!

Anonymous said...

12:42 Hit dog, will holler

Mary bye gurl, sum of these commments are direct from Mary 1:12 am because the stuff mentioned is private, its a personal attack

Anonymous said...

I done did my laundry and went and got a pizza and yall still talking bout Mary J Blige is on RWS lol. I am 1:12am and ANYONE camn see what Brianna did on GUHH dumb asses!!!

What yall doing is deflecting from the pettiness I pointed out about us BLACK women attacking one another so often it is now common and expected.

She is getting a star on the walk of fame and how many comments said congrats?

All you vain bitches did was care about her hair, because Koreans need yall to ne walking around with blue and lime green fake shit on YOUR heads.

Who gives a fuck what her hair looks like, has any of her songs ever helped you or just had you up in a party like thats my shit?

You motherfuckers are so lost getting up 2 hours early to glue lashes on, put on pancake batter, disintegrate your edges with a skullcap and pay them same Koreans more for your fake ass nails you just can't be happy for another woman.

Thats it plain and simple. You couldn't be happy for her achievement, you had to find SOMETHING wrong and all of you said the same thing which proves the plague is real.

I am not Mary but if I were trust me I would go all the way in on you miserable hoes.

Mary is humble, I can be a real bitch for being attacked for no reason.

Meanwhile everyine got something to say about her blonde wig but yall all wearing one thinking the bitch whose fake belly folded on tv started the blonde movement.

Sit thee fuck down and shut the fuck up.


Anonymous said...

For those who don't understand Mary's hairstyle, it's an old Hollywood hairstyle Mae West used to wear. I'm not sure if Mary's stylist was going for that look, but the last 2 decades of Mae West life, that is how she often wore her hair. I instantly knew. I actually love it!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, okay Mary you tried it. We are not buying it. Mae West was an old dried up white bitch. So just stop that damn nonsense.

Anonymous said...

lol! @9:04. I am originally 11:16 and all the other comments they are responding to calling me Mary. Now I guess I am you and we are Mary!

Cause MARY J BLIGE has nothing better to do then to keep checking Snitch for recent comments AND replying.

I don't know anything about Mae West so I can't speak on it but my POINT about insecure, vain bitches will not be addressed I see as now they are just playing a game with themselves thinking Mary has time for them ON A BLOG.

Anonymous said...

@10:07 AM. Shut your evil, mean-spirited, got to answer to GoD up. I know who this is this is a bee-HIV person on here talking like they're possessed. I guess you will make fun of Whitney's death next. Get a life.

Anonymous said...

9:12, you are a miserable little unraised imp who was never taught the meaning of respect. Back in the day when Mae West apartment complex refused to let a black man in the complex, she bought the ENTIRE building and lifted the ban. What has your corn ball @ss done for humanity? Not a damn thing but run your mouth. It's nothing wrong with Mary trying different styles because we are all HUMANS first. God never made race but your dumb @$$ falls right in line with racism. If you want to free the world of racism then see yourself as a human and maybe you won't see an 87 yr old woman as a white bi-'-. Smh.

Anonymous said...

I heard Mary likes, strawberrys and creme with her CRACK


Aint that right Mary, you having fun on RWS

High as a kite, typing away, cursing out loud.

Anonymous said...

I love you Mary!!! I'm happy for you girl. I hope you get to play in more movies and your star continues to shine.

Anonymous said...

Fuck you and that dead old white bitch Mae West. Bitch take that old dried out wig Mae West is buried in, roll it up and shove up your ass sideways.
Save your moralizing bullshit for those krackers that you love so much. Kiss my black ass bitch!!!

Anonymous said...

@7:42 and 12:32

Thank you!!! The only person in here woke.

I cringe when these black celebs get a star in Hollywood. It’s an indication that they’ve had to degrade and debase not only themselves but others to get a star in the land of demons. They’re being rewarded for keeping the dirty secrets in Hollywood and for continuing in their debased lifestyle.

The same perverted pedophiles that run Hollywood are the same ones who are members in Hollywood Chamber who administer those idols.

What’s highly esteemed among men is an abomination to God the Father.

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