Saturday, January 13, 2018

Meghan Markle's Sister Begs for Wedding Invite

Last year actress Meghan Markle's half sister Samantha Grant threatened to write a tell-all book about her 'pushy social climbing sister [click here if you missed that].'

Now Sam is hoping for an invite to Meg's spring wedding to Prince Harry...

Samantha Grant tells The Mirror
“I’d be lying to say that I wouldn’t be hurt if I didn’t get an invite but that’s really up to her."
“That’s her day. It’s her special moment. And I would love to be a part of it. But, I think, possibly she might also understand that it’s not easy for all of us to get there. But if we can, we will.”
“It would be pleasing for us to be there and be invited. But it’s entirely her decision.”


Anonymous said...

why?? so you can get white girl wasted and try to suck the royal staffs dacks and nutsacks???

prissa o said...

Can this lady go on somewhere??? Sick of hearing about her flapping gums.


E-STROKES said...

MEGHAN: BITCH YOU WROTE SOME CHEESY ASS BOOK THAT AIN’T SELLING. Do you really think I forgot about all the times when you called me the n word?

Samantha: You know I was just playing around. No offense.

MEGHAN: Naw offense bitch.

Samantha: Dad did Moore for you than us.

MEGHAN: My mama kept my ship steady. He helped. But what yo’ mama did though?

Samantha: We’re family.

MEGHAN: You want to be family now. For an invite and a ride. So fuck yourself. Cinderella going to the ball. No wicked step family.

Anonymous said...

The Royal Family cordially invites this bitch to STFU! Do it now before she come up missing.

Anonymous said...

This jealous wicked step sister doesn't have to worry about getting there all she has to do is put on a pretty dress and turn to any news channel and she will be front row present. Don't forget to some tea and crackers wouldn't want to miss out on the reception. Geez white niggas crazy too.

Anonymous said...

By the time this is all over, she will wish she was an orphan!

Anonymous said...

She has some nerve after she done talked about this woman. I'm sure she can't believe that this nigger is more wealthy than her.

Anonymous said...

This bitch is making all of Gucci Mans left of the list guest look good. Fuck leave them alone. The life where you knew Meghan is no more. By the time the Windsors finish with her she wont remember she had a sister. Deuces.

Anonymous said...

Q: where’s the begging?
Another misleading headline.


Anonymous said...

Word is Meghan was really born a man and is one of these trans people.

Other than that the Royal family in the UK are really the biggest welfare recipients on the face of the Planet. Not to mention outright and Evil and inbred.Thank GOD For America because there's no way I would ever bow to a King or Queen of anything on this Earth.

✿✿Dotty✿✿ said...

After all the blabbing she has been doing there is absolutely no chance she is getting an invitation. Perhaps if she hadn't been blabbing to the press she would have her seat in the spring

Charismaspeaks said...

Fuck no.............ain't no invite shady bih!!!!!!!!!!

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