Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Migos Producer Arrested in Atlanta

Migos producer Pierre “Pee” Thomas arrested for reckless driving in Alpharetta, GA...
On Sunday night Pierre “Pee” Thomas was arrested in Forsyth County after a short police chase at speeds of up to 125 miles per hour.

According to reports, when finally caught, "Pee" told officers he was headed home from the studio and didn't hear the sirens or see the red lights.

Pee was taken to jail booked on reckless driving charges and released.


Anonymous said...

Dummy. You can’t hear or see sh*t but your life flashing before your eyes @ 125mph.

Anonymous said...

I have no sympathy or energy for niggas of the dusty variety.

Anonymous said...

Keep this thing in jail, speeding and making SHITTY music you need to be locked up for being an IDIOT. Broke in 5,4,3,2

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