Thursday, January 18, 2018

Offset Apologizes for Offending the Gays

This week the video dropped for YFN Lucci's Boss Life Ft Offset where Offset spits a line 'queers [click here if you missed that].'

Now Offset denies writing the line and apologizes for offending the Q in the LGBTQ community...


Anonymous said...

He's making sure gay people still buy his music. LOL.

Anonymous said...

Who cares!! They'll so anything to create a sensationalized issue and it's just for attention.

Anonymous said...

Yet no apology for the slow bitch he about to drag mmmkay. He looks like his hair smells of weed.

Tippie Toes said...

He's a queer so it all equals

Cirdec Yalc said...

Homophobic rappers and black men in general are they worst but do they realize most of their expensive designer clothes are made by gay men. Idiots!

prissa o said...

Y'all Anonymous who commented at 1:25 already called this.
SMH. This is ALL NONSENSE AND CONTRIVED. He's just going by the script.

Anonymous said (1:25)
@12:05 EXACTLY

Also, in this particular situation it's all contrived.

The lyrics to that song were APPROVED before this song was released...

This was not a one time live performance where he just free- styled or something.

So this is generated drama for a buzz.
His record label/ company KNOWS exactly what they are doing.

Here we go :

Deliberate Fake offensive Lyrics
Immediately drop video for visual effect
Expected public outcry
Media Buzz for the song
Planned Apology from Music Artist
Sales generated for the Record Company

In that order....

They are not fooling me

Bye Migos.

Anonymous said...

Everyone condones that fag stuff until they die of AIDS or HIV and then they die IN SILENCE!!!

L. Eller said...

Then why not say “lame” instead of queer??? I agree this shit is contrived. He knew exactly what he was doing when he said it.

I don’t care, but don’t back pedal now.

Anonymous said...

They're upset over one line...Really?!!! That's nothing compared to how many times and for how long these rappers been calling women...MAINLY BLACK WOMEN... bitches, whores, hoes, thots, etc... I don't listen to their music but I can almost guarantee they've used those degrading words much more in their music, than "Queer".

So holla back at me when you really have something to cry about!

Anonymous said...

@3:30 you can die in silence for that dumb comment

Anonymous said...

The LGBT community don't own the word queer
Or gay for that matter. I He's a loser for apologising. I guess when you sell yours soul you have to comply with your master.

Anonymous said...

^^ No one said they owned those words you stupid bitch. If you have common sense you would know thay gay and queer are negatively associated with homosexuals and are offensive when used as being derogatory. He should apologize and even though he didn't write the lyrics he knows that queer is almost always aimed towards gay people in a negative context. You are just a loser and dumb as he is.

Anonymous said...

You really are slow. He said he was looking for a word that rhymes. Queer has more than one meaning. You motherfuckers are dumb as fuck!

Allihave2say said...

Gay people are so vain they think the word queer is about them.
It amazes me how "groups" claim the right to words they've assigned a name/definition to for their own agenda. Not only is his use of the word queer appropriate in the context it is used, but the word gay was known to mean "happy" before homosexuals adopted the word to mean being gay.

People with same sex attractions argue the need and right for acknowledgement, acceptance, humanity and commons. Yet they are some of the most unaccepting judgmental, hateful and violent people at times when it comes to accepting and tolerating others right to use words or to believe in living in a way that is alternative to theirs. A lot of them do not like to invite others to the playground.

It's the same as the Susan G Komen Cancer pink ribbon. They are intolerant of any other women's cancer organization using a pink ribbon as a symbol for all women afflicted with cancer. The ribbon for SGK is a symbol of money collected so they sue anyone else who is using the same pink women. Yet, they want us to believe they are fighting for the cause and the healing of all women battling cancer. Funny S/N when asked about how close they are to a cure or a cause they stand silent on the efforts the decades of money/fundraising have brought forth.

The scales of acceptance must be balanced. I do realized that I made generalized statements about the behaviors of people with same sex attraction. I'm wise enough to know there are some who are more open minded and respectful of others (I don't mean Perez Hilton either); but even they can turn quickly if someone says I believe sex is between a man and a woman; I'm not a supporter of the homosexual lifestyle. It can't be left there it has to be debated.

Anonymous said...

This is one of the dustiest dingiest looking niggas I ever seen. He is UGLYYYYYYYYYY like DANNNNNNNNNNNG!

Anonymous said...

@8:01 For you not to be part of the gay lifestyle you sure do know a lot/have alot to say about it. Why be SO invested in something you don't support? Use your knowledge and time to research and comment on things you actually take part in. Dumb thinking process you have

✿✿Dotty✿✿ said...

He knows what the intention of that line was in the song. I get he wanted to rhyme, but he knows damn well what it meant. FOH

Anonymous said...


Well said!

Anonymous said...

Offset is that kind of strong, robust ashyblakkchocolatty fineness that makes him irresistible to his woman!

Anonymous said...


Stop co-signing yourself

Brevity is key

I do NOT agree with the LGBT lifestyle

There...I said it

There is no need to write an essay about.

Make your point & keep it moving

The End

Anonymous said...

He aint said nothing bout gay. Ppl need to stop reaching and enjoy the music they are making.

Allihave2say said...

@1:23 I never need to cosign what I say. I say what I mean and I stand by it.

If a lengthy commented is bothersome to you perhaps you suffer from ADD or some reading literacy issues. Putting double spaces between your sentences doesn't make your comment brief. don't be jealous because you don't have much to say.

Allihave2say said...

@8:58 You are a prime example of the context of my comment. In tolerant people who can't accept the beliefs of others so they attack with asinine comments. So if I'm not a supporter of same sex attractions I can't have an opinion longer than one sentence? Stop being stupid.

I believe as I stated it doesn't mean I don't know or support PEOPLE who have same sex attractions. Get out your damn feelings and get into the idea of acceptance.

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