Tuesday, January 09, 2018

Russell Simmons Abandons #NotMe Campaign

Last month music mogul Russell Simmons vowed to vigorously defend himself against sexual assault allegations with his own #NotMe campaign in response to the #MeToo sexual misconduct movement [click here if you missed that].

Russell quietly ends his campaign...

From Page Six
Russell Simmons has put his #NotMe campaign on ice, Page Six has exclusively learned.
After the mogul’s fiery crusade to clear his name over sexual misconduct allegations went mysteriously quiet, his reps told us that Simmons had instead decided “that this is a time for women to speak.”


Anonymous said...

No surprise here, after Oprah’s Golden Globe speech, what else was he going to do?

E-STROKES said...

Time for women to speak? No shit. He selfish comments were backfiring on all cylinders. Where you at Tavis.

Anonymous said...

Tavis is on a "relationships in the workforce" tour as a way to cover his ass.

E-STROKES said...


Ahaaaaa. In this climate tell him GOOD LUCK WITH THAT!

Anonymous said...

So many careers buried in 2017, who will be next in '18?

Anonymous said...

What a little twat he is; just not cool. The # should have never been developed to begin with. He may have passed the lie detector test because, in his mind what he did was alright and he is the yoga "master". I've always heard unpleasant and creepy stories about this guy from people who have met him. I'm no sick of the wealthy privileged not being punished for the wrong they commit.

Anonymous said...

He had to he had to jump on the #iabusewomentoo wagon

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

When has there EVER been a time where he didn't want to open his bucktooth ass mouth? No, he disengaged because there's some women who have bonafide shit on him.

Anonymous said...

^^yes I gotta ride witchu on that. He stfu because he knew better than to KEEP talking.

@E *waving* lmao..i was tryna see whatchu got on it. All I know about Aretha is that she was WILD..POPS was wicked..and some sin-ning went down in the house of the Lord.
I must admit I was on the late freight on that one but when I got to digging...hot mess.
And that guy she married...wasnt he a homosexual? I think I read some funky shit about him too.

Lol girl whatchu GOT?!!!!

E-STROKES said...

@2:02 Heyyyyy. How are you?

Been looking for you. I heard some sick shit about Rev Franklin and molestation. ALLEDGELY. I heard that YEARS ago.

I also read ol' man Franklin father a baby by a 12 year old. Recently. The original rumor was that the sin was taking place in the house.

That's when their mother left. I always wondered who beat him so bad he wound up in a a coma for years before he died. They never found out who did it.

I think the family knows. He was Christian wicked. 12 years old!? I ain't gon' front this shit makes me nauseaus to type.

I don't know much about the first husband. But I heard she dug the hell out of Glen Turman. I heard he broke up with her. He married another. Not sure if he still is.

Aretha had some fiasco engagement announcement that lasted couple days. Then she they was gonna remain friends. Ion know. Ahhhaaa

Anonymous said...

In other words, just like all the other dominos that have fallen, the elite gave him orders to stand down, pay his sacrifice (by way of his reputation being tarnished), and we'll reward you handsomely. It's no coincidence that all of this exposure is happening. There's a sinister plan behind all of this. The question is, what exactly?

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