Thursday, January 11, 2018

The Queen's Court Blame T.I. for Xscape Tour Scandal

Last week The Queen's Court hosts Khia and TS Madison were kicked out of the Xscape concert after being invited to perform by Tamar Braxton [click here if you missed that].

Turns out Tiny's husband T.I. was the one who got them removed...

Khia tells The Queen's Court
"T.I. walked right past us. He pass by to real bitches went in there to Tamar's dressing room and roasted Tamar, her mother and her grandmother in front of her grandchildren." 
"I think he was the one that was being disrespectful and disorderly. Tip how you gonna go in there and cuss out Tamar, her mother, her grandmother and her sisters in front of her children then act like we're the ones who were disrespectful and disorderly? Why didn't you address or say anything to us?"


Anonymous said...

That nigga is a bitch. That's why. He's angry you told him what that mouth could do. My neck. My back.

#TeamLesbian said...

it was Tamar's Kermit the frog lookin ass too! She felt some type of way about the group inviting her to tour alongside her rival MONICA. so that's when she tried to be funny by inviting Maddie and Khia to roast the entire group on stage and act like she wasn't apart of it cause if she never planned that then she would have stopped security or whoever from stopping The Queens Court appearance. Yall see how the DJ still has the audience boppin to Khia anyway Lol

Anonymous said...

@12:12 LOL...the DJ was being messy & put on Khia's record????

Tamar knows she was intentionally being messy

Anonymous said...


Tamar invited Khia to perform My Neck, My Back and Next Caller. They have been pumping MNMB throughout the tour in-between sets.

Why would she care who was on the tour? She's not obligated to perform with Monica, or interact with her. And when did they become "rivals?"

How was she going to stop security from stopping them? Keyshia Kaior's flunky was the one who alerted Kandi that Khia and Madison were on site. They (Xscape) had the right to veto their guest performance, but it was a punk ass move on their part.

Anonymous said...

why did not T.I. say anything to Khia why did not cuss her out? waljed right passed well she did accuse him of stealing on one of Queens court show but ahe had not money or power behind her to sue she recorded in same studio then yrs later hears her sound thats why he was so mad He knows what he had done ahe also called him a snitch so many mad at her she spits too much truth the trurh obviously hurts for him cuss out her and her family tamars fam where was vince he was there T.I. waited till there were only females in the room? so what it is enough of them to jump his 2ft ass

Anonymous said...

^^^ GIRLLL PLEASE!! Now you know damn well you don't give that loud mouth WANCH KHIA no LIVE MICROPHONE in front of THEIR audience as much shit as she done talked, just to "perform" some damn wack ass songs that don't even go with the vibe of the tour!! YOU MUST BE DRINKING MOONSHINE if you think Tamar ain't cooked up some mess with them two sneaky ass loser bottom feeding shit talking hoes to get them on her side, the same way she tried to use The Skorpion Show! TAMAR A FAKE BITCH AND YOU KNOW SHE IS!! They wanna be on stage? they need to take their funny lookin asses to the comedy club, because an R&B CONCERT AIN'T IT K BYE NOW!

Anonymous said...

I'm stilllll trying to figure out how in the hell we taking about Khia stankin ass in 2018. I could have sworn we got rid of this vermin looking bitch yearrrrs ago.

Anonymous said...

I wish someone would knock TI out. Can't stand short-ass, jack russell types that put on a hard act but in reality only step to women and looks like now the elderly too.

Anonymous said...

Unlike the rest of those muts, Khia owns all of her shit. I was at a wedding reception and they played some song by Khia and everybody hoped on the floor doing the bounce & electric slide.

Next caller is the shit!

Anonymous said...

You told the truth nothing but the truth.

Anonymous said...

Khia called his ol song stealing ass out
You know what they say a hit dog will holler
Dam and he a snitch too. And probably a low key woman abuser . smh

E-STROKES said...

@anon 3:17

I ain’t gon’ play with you no more. JACK RUSSELL TERRIER. Not the dog. AHAAAAAAAAAaaaaahaa.

In my George Lopez voice. I can’t breeve. Ahhhhhhaa.

Anonymous said...

R in NYC says:
@ 5:15

A friend of mine witnessed TI going upside Tiny's head outside Lenox Mall one day.
Worst part of it is they were with their Entourage and no one did shit about it.

Anonymous said...

TI is an insecure loser....BUT the queen court (lol) just bunch a hood bullshit. Khia owns all her shit....WHAT SHIT LMAO??!! She need to fix her face that what she need to do. This here is a case of both sides being messy and sorry as fuck so I cant choose between the fuckery lol

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