Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Too Short Calls Rape Claims Extortion

Earlier this week a prospective artist on Too Short's record label filed a lawsuit accusing the Oakland rapper of sexual battery [click here if you missed that].

Too Short calls the claims flat out extortion...

Too Short tells TMZ
"This is blatant outright extortion. I'm being extorted. It's not a criminal case...It can only be extortion. It's not anything else. They want money." 
"For a while there I thought it was something other, but now I know for a fact its only about money, so my only choice is to counter sue for slander and get a restraining order and anything else to get this out of my life."


Niyabinghi/ObeahWomanWarrior said...

The days of misogyny and treating females like trash is over, the reality is men have gotten away with this behavior for centuries, everything eventually comes to an end, its the 5th principle of rhythm and the 6th principle of cause and effect. No one escapes universal laws I don't give a shit how long it takes to catch up with you, we are in a time right now, Saturn in Capricorn till 2020, Jupiter in Scorpio till November 2018. You are going to be held accountable for your actions. See Trump he came out on a platform of recklessness and its that same energy that follows him, I don't know how he withstands all that negative energy, but he did it to himself. And this fool did it to himself, probably thought his little dusty, ugly ass could sign some women looking to be famous, used her then tossed her aside like garbage now she coming for his coins.I don't feel bad for any of them, carry yourself with integrity and decency and you will not have to deal with this shit. Men will soon have to wear body cams' have disclosure forms on them and recorders to record interactions with women. LOL decent men don't have this problems.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

He had a judgement against him , he hit someone in a car accident and skipped to the atl to avoid paying years ago. They will get it this time.

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