Saturday, February 17, 2018

Jennifer Hudson and David Otunga Barred From Dragging Son into Custody Battle

Last month news leaked that Jennifer Hudson's ex- fiancée David Otunga grabbed their 8-year-old son and dramatically locked both of them in a bathroom during an explosive fight with Jennifer [click here if you missed that].

 Now David Jr.'s lawyer is taking steps against his parents...

From TMZ
The lawyer the judge appointed to represent David Jr. has filed legal docs asking the judge to prohibit Jennifer or David from calling the therapist to the stand to testify about the boy's state of mind and how the custody war has affected him.
We're told the reason the lawyer wants the protective order is so David Jr. can feel comfortable opening up with his therapist about both parents, without fear they will learn what he said.
Both sides, we're told, have been put on notice that David Jr.'s lawyer is asking the judge for the order.


Anonymous said...

well played David.

Anonymous said...

Excellent, smart move. Keep your child's well being out of you two's silly ass bullshit. Hopefully, the judge will rule in David Jr.'s favor.

Anonymous said...

These two did a good job at keeping their relationship out of the media and now the public breakup. Jennifer ain't tryna pay this mofo especially if he gets full custody. Reverse that verse "it's cheaper to keep him".

Anonymous said...

Pay up Jen

✿✿Dotty✿✿ said...

Good a child doesn't need to witness this mess. She knew she didn't want to marry him so why continue to be with a man who has intentions to marry and you yourself dont want to. The same can be said vice versa.

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