Monday, February 12, 2018

Kandi Burruss Supports Xscap3

Over the weekend news broke that 90s girl-group Xscape rebranded themselves Xscap3 and signed a new management deal without Kandi Burruss [click here if you missed that].

The girls have Kandi's full support...


Anonymous said...

Grown Woman status.
The past is the past.

ebonyhud said...

THis white/grey hair trend needs to go, however it fits good with what they are wearing. They look absolutely great!

Anonymous said...

If she REALLY supported the group then she would be a part of the fucking group. Girl BYE

Anonymous said...

@10:33 EXACTLY!!!

This chick is so fake.
She knows that they sound better without her and that she can't sing like they can.

Kandi "secretly" wants them to fail.
And if the do, that way she can say
" well when I was in the group we did well /
I was never a part of Escap3 blah blah blah blah"

Girl Bye.

Anonymous said...

Kandi trying 2 get that plug in for HER appearance @Essence Fest 2018. I See U Kandi!!.. #Shameless Plug. Lol

Anonymous said...

Last night on the Trumpet Awards Xcape,soundedd
darn good! I hope they make A huge comeback!

Anonymous said...

Ya some Nasty women.
I bet ya punks IRL.
When it is time to go, it is time to go.
Kandi, felt like it was her time to go.
If she does not like them or whatever the issue may be, so be it.
Kandi, is not hurt for money.
You have one life to live. Don't do it in misery.

Anonymous said...

^^^^ You sound miserable babe.

Folks are expressing their opinions just like everybody else.

#stay gone

You won't be missed

Anonymous said...

@11:15...Please say that shit again. These women sound 1000 times better without "The Frog" over-singing rifts and sounding a damn mess. That's why she never did a solo album. She needs these women as bad as she tries flex like they need her.

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