Monday, February 26, 2018

Matt Barnes Sends a Message to Gloria Govan?

Last week retired NBA player Matt Barnes got into a nasty online skirmish with his baby mama, reality star Gloria Govan, after wishing her a slightly shady Happy Birthday on Instagram [click here if you missed that].

No more Mister Nice Guy...

After Gloria fired back implying Matt was being petty, he posted a meme warning not to take his kindness for weakness and announcing he was back on his Tupac sh!t.


Anonymous said...

Great Rule To Take Heed To.

#Heed The Warning!!!....#It Pays To Heed A Warning!!!

Anonymous said...

I informed my sons when they were young...two things:
1. I can't tell you what exactly a woman wants from you...but she's gonna want something...friendship, money, security, baby, stability, sex, etc.
2. Do NOT bring a dumb one home.

Matt's mom obviously did not have a similar conversation with him.

Anonymous said...

If he was truly sincere he would've sent her a private message...I'm just saying everything ain't for the fukin public

Niyabinghi/ObeahWomanWarrior said...

I wish these two toxic dysfunctional octoroon, qadroon whatever the hell they are, would go sit the fuck down already, with their messy ass "relationships" don't nobody give a fuck about y'all. Go put your kids in therapy so we don't see them on a episode of cops later on. Ugh tired of these damn tragic mulatto's.

Anonymous said...

What is with folks putting all of the relationship mess on the internet, like anyone is interested in their shade? Whatever happened to IM or texting??

Anonymous said...

If he sent her a private message the smut would have been telling everyone he was trying to get back with her.

It had no shade and appeared to be an olive branch but this nasty bitch threw shade and tried to put him on blast for her ass syealing his identity.

Thats when you know a bitch is dumb. Say thank you and keep it moving. But what can you expect from a bitch that is fucking your ex friends and co workers?

She said she was gonna fuck Malaysia up on sight lol....wha happened?

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