Tuesday, February 06, 2018

Prince Hologram Canceled at the Last Minute?

Last week there were rumors Justin Timberlake was planning to use a hologram of Prince for his Super Bowl half time show.

Insiders claim the rumors were true...

From Page Six
Justin Timberlake was “100 percent ready to use the hologram” for his Prince tribute during his Super Bowl halftime show performance on Sunday, sources say — but backed out at the last minute.
“He was 100 percent ready to use the hologram but nixed it due to backlash from social media and Prince fans. That’s why he had that sheet up like in your mama’s backyard,” sniped one insider.


Anonymous said...

Prince hated homme.
Janet hates him.
Mj disliked him.
Culture vulture.
Disrespected so many black people including prince when he made fun of his height and the homeless black dude.
I don't like him at all and Timbaland made his career(a Black man).

Anonymous said...

Typo him.

Anonymous said...

Yeah they cancelled that shit. And they better had too. The man himself said he didn't want it, in his words was the most 'demonic' thing imaginable to have him so represented from the grave.


And we will not let them destroy our legends.

And definitely, not Our Prince.


Anonymous said...

I never cared for this guy. Ugly ass

Anonymous said...

This is beyond his flop of an album, his last bomb at the box office, and his fans having moved on. This is a reflection of his allegedly being in a Lavender Marriage and allegedly being the boytoy of a very powerful mogul.

That's why he's had so many chances...Elephant in the room? Isn't it also alleged the relationship started when JT was underaged? Isn't he notorious for his, ahem, head game?

And now he's been tapped to be the face of Nike/Jordan sneakers? The kids who buy Jordans aren't checking for an over the hill, stiff, corny, ten years past his prime rent boy.

Anonymous said...

Funny how there was just a discussion in the other thread on Dr. King and the white owned Jew company that owns his likeness .

Now we have Justin using Prince likeness? This confirms that a bank is administrator over Prince’s estate.

These black artists always die poor and can never leave anything for family. I know black folk aren’t stupid. These Jews exploit the law and apply cunning techniques to own everything. They’ll forever be rapists and pillagers of other nations and peoples

Anonymous said...

Damn 1:30! Word? I believe this because I could have SWORN Jessica Biel dated women.

Anonymous said...


What's a Lavender marriage?
I've always suspected his marriage to Jessica Biel was a sham. It looks like one of those contractual Hollywood marriages that are set for a specific time frame.

Who do suspect the mogul is? *Sips tea*

Anonymous said...

When will they stop letting him perform at the Super Bowl clearly he cant do it without failing. All the relevant performers and they choose this fool. Notice how he picked the gayest looking kid in the audience to take a selfie with. Good thing Janet didn't do it. Even his old boy band dodged that bullet. Damnit Prince wanted to stay dead and not perform with him.

Anonymous said...

Justin is Harvey's real bitch the rest of them is just for show.

Laa soul said...

If any of you all think that Lou Perlman didn't have his way with JT and other young boys while he was creating boy bands....... And yes I too heard that Jessica prefers women.

Anonymous said...

Yet you have some Black folks singing this corny no talent white boy's praises. I have never like him or his so called music.

Anonymous said...

The disrespect is blatant.

He would've never done this to a white legend who said in no uncertain terms that he would not allow his image to be used during a performance.

This is more like a spit in the face. First nipplegate and now this shit.

Anonymous said...

QUOTE: "Reanimating a dead black musician as a hologram, against his wishes, in order to make him perform for millions of white people is almost too obvious a metaphor for how this country consumes black art"

Anonymous said...

If Justin didn't know his main fan based cancelled his ass, he does now. We ain't fucking with you no mo.

Niyabinghi/ObeahWomanWarrior said...
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Niyabinghi/ObeahWomanWarrior said...

I never understood how some of our people cape, for this no talent culture vulture, who is aging like benjamin button somebody.

@1:30 PM
Not one single lie told about this past his prime rent boy. Prince did not like this fool and was against that hologram shit. That shit is beyond disgraceful and shows the disrespect for the deceased performer, if Prince would not perform with him in life, he damn sure ain't doing it in death. I never liked this fake ass no talent fool, he needs to be homeless like the homeless people him and his clueless wife was mocking a few years back.

Anonymous said...

I'm quite sure the estate of Prince will sue. Prince was adamant on where he stood on demonic images. He detested JT and his tribute wasn't genuine. In fact you couldn't even her JT sing you heard Prince sing his own tribute.

The only thing nice about the tribute was the city turned purple and JT had nothing to do with that. Prince's hard work and dedication turned the city purple not a dumb ass white boy as some suggested.

Anonymous said...

3:09 I forgot about that video re: mocking the homeless! Ugh, they're both loathsome and were it not for his alleged past/present among the Gay Elite, he'd have been forgotten. And yes, Prince felt it was demonic and the quote from 2:47 says all we need to on the subject.

Anonymous said...

It took me a while, but I just realized white people just can’t be trusted

Anonymous said...

It takes some people more time than others 3:55pm. And this Bunny Ruckus type in a work training I'm in today keeps bringing it up and defending him? To tell it he's hotter than ever. His white fan base abandoned him years ago so I guess delusional weirdos and the Hollywood Gay Mafia are propping him up.

AJ said...

@355 Welcome to the club.

Somebody MUST own this dude because anyone in their right mind would have used this opportunity to make it right on the Janet Jackson front, or do the proper Prince tribute and invite Sheila E., the Time, The Revolution with Wendy and Lisa. That half-time show would have been LIT! So either JT is an owned subsidiary of some elites, or he is just a douche!

Anonymous said...


Ur Warm
S/he Needs
To "Douche"

& He/r Wife
Is A Man...
Do Not Take
My Word
For It

It Came Out
The Horse Mouth

Reporter : Wh@ Would Fans
Be Surprised To Kno About U ??

Horse : Th@ I Am A Man.

Tried To Told
U All
These Couples
In T.ranny V.ille
R Reversed

Devils Orders


Anonymous said...

May The Spirits of the deceased and ancestors torment this necromancer the rest of his earthly life. .

prissa o said...

Justin's eyes scream desperation.
They also scream: "I'm a coke fiend!"


Anonymous said...

@4:52- Mila Kunis said she is a gay man in a woman's body-she is married to Ashton Kutcher. Timberfake is married to Jessica Biel.

Anonymous said...

@4:23 agreed. It SHOULD have been a tribute to the musical legacy of the city. Not what we got...

Anonymous said...

@ 1:21

janet fucked Justin during his Nsync days

@ michael pergor m ed with Justin and Nsync on the MTV awards and then had them on his own show.

DeepSeas said...


I believe Justin is owned by the corporates. Don’t forget he’s a product of Disney.

The Minnesota Superbowl committee wanted the halftime show to be dedicated in Prince’s honor... the NFL committee chose Justine.

I am not excusing him of his accountability in choosing to perform. As a fellow “artist” he should’ve respected Prince’s wishes, especially since he supposedly thinks of Prince as a legendary icon.

He could’ve made the decision to not perform.

But guess what, he has an album coming out and the label wants him to generate as much buzz and hype possible to sell albums. And as a slave to a label (the irony considering prince viewed his own self as a slave to Sony) you have no say so you will perform how and what you are asked or else your dirty secrets will be exposed to the public complete with receipts.

With all that said, this was clearly a plan executed by the Elite, the same elite who disgraced and shamed Janet. They wanted to rile up her supporters, specifically the black community and create racial tensions. Justine was merely a tool in the greater scheme of things. He doesn’t have as much control and decision making ability as we are crediting him with and as he would have us believe.

mot me said...

@1:37 Exactly! Well said they are puppets for the elite agenda! They have no control over anything. They could not control Prince while alive so the had him killed and now they are destroying his brand after his death to send a message. But it means nothing now. They could not touch him while he walked the earth..he still winning

Anonymous said...

prince was battling warner bros. not sony...that was mike who was at odds with sony over that beetles catalog

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