Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Reginae Carter Dating YFN Lucci?

Lil Wayne's 19-year-old daughter Reginae Carter spotted with 27-year-old rapper YFN Lucci during All-Star Weekend...


Anonymous said...

The apple dont fall too far from the tree...
whatever happended to that college plan so she dont need no man...well at least not a hood rapper

Anonymous said...

She's facially challenged, looks just like her daddy in a wig.

Anonymous said...

An almost 30 year old man with a 19 year old. She just graduated HS. He must be immature. What do they talk about.

Anonymous said...

What did y'all expect? Her momma is Toya Carter that sais it all....

Anonymous said...

Your fav Michael B Jordan is 31 dating a 20 year old. Maybe this is age gap thing is the new trend?

Anonymous said...

@10: 45

"New Trend " ?!

Hardly .

Grown Men Been
Rapin Girls
& Gettn Away
W/ It

The Dawn
Of Age..

In This Case
Wh@ 30 y.o
In Their
Right Mind

A Teen Ager ??

Nxgga 6' 2
& Swimmin
In The Kiddie Pool ?!

& Of Course
A Lame
Gone Say

"Look @ The Moma"

As If Toya
Laid An Egg ...

Reginaes "Daddy"
Called His
Ex Lover "Daddy" ..

It Is
A No Brainer #LikeDaddyLikeDaughter

Just an observation said...

Their both facially challenged. A great match.

#TeamLesbian said...


Terry of fakeababydotcom said...

Well, perhaps!

✿✿Dotty✿✿ said...

...and that is why things are they way they are. Opportunities to be better than her parents in a different way, but off during all start weekend with a rapper who in a few years will be forgetable and have his Atl Mcmansion foreclosed. Rinse repeat

Anonymous said...

I wish her step daddy would let Wayne drop a album. Baby must be hurt cuz he putting Wayne through hell. Wayne at home playing the waiting to exhale soundtrack crying and shit. Don't lay with your boss.

Anonymous said...

exactly 9:44 pm...the could have groomed the girl to be a captain of industry or a media mogul, CEO or some shit...instead, she's some rappers girlfriend...dummies...
OAN...when i see guys with that bottom lip biting thing in photo's it really gives me a gay vibe..i'm not hating on any homosexuals..but something about this look, makes me look twice at a ninja...especially if he's proclaiming to be straight

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