Thursday, February 01, 2018

WME Responds to Terry Crews Lawsuit

Last year actor Terry Crews filed a lawsuit accusing WME super agent Adam Venit of groping his genitals at an industry party [click here if you missed that].

WME fires back...

According to reports WME claims,
“Mr. Crews accepted the apology and then told the only two WME employees to whom he had spoken about the incident that everything was okay. It was the last mention Mr. Crews made of the incident to anyone at WME for nearly 18 months — during which time he remained a WME client.”
The case is ongoing.


iketernr said...

Regardless, if the incident happened, IT HAPPENED!
If I’d been Crews, somebody would still be in a coma...

E-STROKES said...

So? He changed his mind. He can do that. You didn't deny it. So therein lies your problemo

More importantly Terry didn't sign his rights away.

Other perps getting fired left and right, but WME waging a legal battle for this ball grabbing twat. Why? There's no loyalty in Hollywood. But there's he knows to much, we gotta circle the conestogas.

He must know where all of ARI'S bodies are buried. They may wish they'd just paid out.

Who the first grade lawyer who came up with this defense non defense.

GiGi said...

So what, if a person is raped and drops the charges the law will still prosecute. It looks to me that WME is acknowledging the incident happened so pay the man.

Niyabinghi/ObeahWomanWarrior said...

So basically they admitted he was sexually assaulted by someone who still works for them btw. But he accepted an apology and should kick rocks? No when the me too movement started he was brave enough to share his story, so many men like the women were sexually assaulted and even raped in the industry, but were afraid to come forward, Terry is very brave for sharing his story and those raggedly ass hoes better pay that man. I read all kinds of dismissive intent behind that WME lettering of them firing back, that shit sounds dismissive and disrespectful as all hell, like nigga you accepted the apology now beat it. Just because he remained a client, does not mean shit he has a family to feed, the movement gave him the courage to share his story. I can't stand these arrogant, entitled assholes let's see how long they stay in business if they don't pay this man, fuck your little laws here on earth we operate on a higher realm and justice will be had.

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