Friday, March 16, 2018

Azealia Banks Facing Jail Time

Three years ago Harlem rapper Azealia Banks was arrested in Manhattan for biting a female bouncer's boob after she was prevented from entering a night club [click here if you missed that].

Now AB is facing jail time...

This week Azealia Banks appeared in Manhattan Criminal Court but could not prove she completed the last two hours of her court ordered 6 hours of anger management classes.

Azealia was ordered to complete the final two hours or face jail time.

AB is due back in court April 3.


Anonymous said...

The ONLY blog you will read about her. I'm assuming the theme of the day is people nobody cares about.
So that mean Khia posts , Adina Howard, Buckwild from Star and Buckwild. Nibbles from flavor or love and a post or 2 on Pebo Bryson and Christopher Williams.

Indi_flo said...

^^Omg.. crine.. not Freak Like Me

Anonymous said...

I hope they send that dreadful lace wig with her.

Anonymous said...

why is the Vasquez post not on this site Is he NOT facing g jail time for knocking his girlfriend in the face violently beating her in a public stairwell where he thought was hidden without cameras

Anonymous said...


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Speak For Me
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My Fellow
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Ppl Of Ur Ilk
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W/Ur Narcissism
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Niyabinghi/ObeahWomanWarrior said...

Its seems from this write up, the way to avoid jail is to complete the required course the court ordered. I just don't understand our people.

Anonymous said...

that Vasquez guy the baseball player, beat his girlfriend caught on tape at a stadium, and was a voilent attack, this happened in 2016!!!!!!! The tape surfaced only 2days ago!! The D.A. states did not

press charges BECAUSE the girlfriend not cooperating?? There is a video, She does not NEED cooperate NBA girlfriend didn't cooperate , he was held in jail and charged?,said was playin, everyone "our ppl" calling her stupid Vasquez got classes he had to take and finished , charges dropped.....The team played for ONLY now cut all ties with him b/c of the tape 2 yrs later Wht U NEED not understand is theU.S. justice/unjust system Toward "our" ppl

Anonymous said...

oh correction his,Vasquez, charges were never dropped b/c he was NEVER charged excuse myself, need correct that slight oversight

Anonymous said...

Jail is no place to get help and this bitch needs help. Why isn’t there ever positive news about her? Even her single release was tainted by her suddenly accusing RZA of pimping. If you don’t have anything nice to add, go away, AB.

Anonymous said...

Media always tryna tear a black girl apart

Just an observation said...

11:43 why would this site post about them? Is he part black?

Anonymous said...

@12:23 nooooo fuck you, you chicken cutting in the closet dumb bitch.

NOBODY cares about you and your fake ass plight. Wasn't you just send pussy shots to Remy trying to get her to trick on your el pollo loco ass?

Beat it bitch before I really go in on you crazy eyes.

Just an observation said...

Her schizophrenic ass will most likely complete the anger management. She talk a lot of shit but ain't built for jail.

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