Monday, March 12, 2018

Blac Chyna Forgives Teen Lover

Last week 29-year-old former stripper Blac Chyna teared up on Instagram Live telling her followers, "Y'all have so much to say about me," just hours after her 18-year-old boy toy lover YBN Almighty Jay joked about dating "old b***hes" and implied Chyna's head game was trash [click here if you missed that].

Looks like the couple have kissed and made up...

Over the weekend Chyna promoted Jay's new music and they also showed up together on social media.


Anonymous said...

They both can go play in traffic

Anonymous said...

Take a good, long, look, ladies.

This is what no self-esteem and no self-respect looks like, smdh.....

Anonymous said...

@10:00 - that is what; I ran thru all of Hollywood already and now gotta get'em on that Label Signing Advance Check move.

Just an observation said...

Tyga need to get his son, King.

Indi_flo said... she smell milk on his breath..
No facial hair
He even looks 12
Just ewwwww

Anonymous said...

She needs to give up her kids because they deserve a better mother who will put them first over a damn boyfriend. This chick ant through allowing these males to run up in her, talk shit about her, then deny her? I wish she had a real friend who was willing to get cut off if necessary, to tell her the truth about herself no black man is going to wife her up she ant Kim Kardashian so stop....please take a break and focus on being a single mother and raising your kids without the need for a new dick distraction every month.

Anonymous said...

In all fairness, I would think it's hard to prioritize and put your children 1st when you never had a mother that knew how to put you 1st.

I'm not justifying her behavior, but I wouldn't expect a mother of the year award giving to her especially considering how she herself was raised.

Btw - Both her and her mother don't take sound advice well especially from females. When you try to give constructive criticism, you are labeled a hater.

Anonymous said...

this ol Raz-B lookin' ass lil boy

Anon said...



Anonymous said...

Just looked at the dis video. Is this how these kids talk??? me speak no englesh! A cuss word every other second? Disrespectful as f! My poor black people have fallen off sooo much! People, please its time to DO SOMETHING in our community - raise your kids better than this!

Anonymous said...

This is her new gig for the moment
They pay Amber and them to train these new
bucks for the industry likings

If Chyna would have treated Rob right, she
wouldnt have to go thru this
I know she is low, but I know she prefer grown men dycks over this any day

This yougin looks like he still sucks his thumb

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