Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Hanibal Burress Mic Cut Over Catholic Priest Pedophile Joke

Four years ago comedian Hannibal Buress famously set off veteran comedian Bill Cosby's downward spiral after a bit from Hannibal's stand-up routine went viral where he told everyone to 'Google Bill Cosby rape [click here if you missed that].'

This week Hannibal had his mic cut a Loyala University for joking about pedophile Catholic priests...

According to reports Hannibal Buress was onstage at the Catholic university reading off a list of restrictions for his set including limited curse words, not inviting students onstage or fraternizing with students on or off campus.

After finishing the list Hannibal quipped, 'Y'all f**k kids right?' before his mic was mic.

Hannibal attempted to finish his set with no mic but the background music was turned up until he left the stage.

Students later demanded refunds.


Anonymous said...

Because white male pedophiles are off limit. Who does Hannibal think he is? The National Man Boy Association will shut shit down!!!

Anonymous said...

When is he going to realize he's a fucking tool and they're done with him.

E-STROKES said...

Dude has now found out he is only allowed to take down other black people. Issa hell naw when trying to take down YT.

AHHHAAA your services are no longer required.

False pride before fall.

Anonymous said...

So this proves the Cosby issue wasn't based on justice, it was just a Beta test to see how a celebrity would fare when accused of sexual misconduct.

Those in power never cared about the victims and used Hanibal. The Cosby joke had been made on 30 Rock 5 years before and got no attention. Hanibal thought he was special; Did he really think they'd let him make that joke?

If Newsweek can't get attention on the alleged trading of child porn at the Vatican, what made him think the joke could work? Somebody forgot their place in the hierarchy.


Anonymous said...

You all only obviously have some short sighted views. Hannibal has BARBECUED plenty of celebrities BEFORE AND AFTER COSBY. I guess you only know about the Cosby jokes because of RWS lol. Anybody else that understands current affairs should know these Universities nowadays are very sensitive to certain jokes. They have been turning away acts that in years passed would have been welcomed. These jokers got SAFE ZONES on campus where people can't talk to them if they are the zone. Soooo no Pedo Catholic jokes probably won't fly anymore. Sometimes its not about race people...SOMETIMES

prissa o said...

Nigha wake up call received.

ebonyhud said...

People are dumb. It's not a black and white thing. You can't joke about priest f-ing kids at a Catholic University. I mean you can, but you might get kicked out lololol

Anonymous said...

He's at a Catholic University. They wantrd him to abide by their rules.
If he didn't want to , don't take they're money to perform.

Anonymous said...

This would never hapoen to Monique.

Does Hannibal even have Netflix special?

Anonymous said...

You're all correct. Hannibal thought he had a seat at the table...white male pedophiles are off limits just like 10:28 said. There's too many of them and they run things.

Anonymous said...


Oh please, he's was performing at a Catholic University talkiny about Catholic priest.

That just like Amy Schumer going to Spelman talking about Black women's names.

Anonymous said...

not a joke period!!!!about anyone molesting ,destroying, hurting & rape involved with children OR anyone, for at matter,it is a topic that is not funny and should not be used as humorous

Anonymous said...

Glad he said it!

Anonymous said...

Didn't matter when it was a successful black man he was bringing down...now that it's them demons in the Catholic 'church', he's being silenced--LITERALLY.

Watch out Hannibal--they don't play.

Anonymous said...

12:59pm so you see no correlation between the Catholic Church's new scandals in Spain and Italy and things they don't want to talk about and this? You're not that naive. Cleaner perhaps?

And I don't think/never thought Hanibal Burress was funny/I'm not a fan, or a Cosby Stan. I'm pro-truth and it's a proven fact the Catholic Church is one of the worst perpetrators of elaborate cover-ups of systemic sexual abuse of children.

Just an observation said...

What's fucking funny about pedophillia ?!?!

Anonymous said...

I was going to reply to 12:59pm, but you said everything I was thinking. How do you respect a church who hides its dirty laundry??? The Catholic church does not practice what it preaches. To Hanibal take the money and run.

Anonymous said...

5:05, 3:01

I never said it wasn't true.

I said when you

go to certain places to perform, you hsve to abide by their rules

He read a list if rules they want all perfornets to abide by and stsrted making jokes. That's where he fucked up at.

March is International Women's minth, if he made jokes about womrn being rape right noe, how would that go over??? Pretty well, huh.

Anonymous said...

5:26 don't walk it back now. You sounded/sound like an apologist for The Catholic Church's cover-ups. Abide by their rules? He's not a clean or safe comic so they knew what they were getting. It's their prerogative to cut the mic but perhaps they should spend more time policing pedophiles in their ranks like they do jokes at a campus comedy show.

Anonymous said...

A lot of comedian s can do a clean act and dirty.
Your material should fit your audience.
Hannibal did the same thing Nick Cannon did
.talking reckless at a Catholic event.

Its about being a professional and not shortrning uour money.

How many venues will hire you if you won't perform under contract rules ????

He's messing with HIS money in the long run not the Catholic Church's

✿✿Dotty✿✿ said...

He didn't abide with the school's rules thats all. He isn't performing a Netflix special at a random auditorium. He is playing a show for college kids at a school.

Anonymous said...

During a conference held at the Vatican in Italy, two Catholic priests were using the urinals in the men's rest room. As the priests urinated, one noticed that the other priest had a nicotine patch on his penis.

"Brother," the priest said, "you're not using that patch correctly. You're supposed to place them between the neck and your waist, not on your johnson."

The other priest responded: "They are working just fine the way I'm using them. I'm down to two butts a day!"

Anonymous said...

@11:29 - This.

I'm sure he can tell the joke elsewhere w/o his Mic being cut.

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