Saturday, March 03, 2018

Jawn Murray Benefits From Bashing Mo'Nique

Last month pop culture critic Jawn Murray and Academy Award winning actress and comedian Mo'Nique went head to head on social media after Mo'Nique called for a Netflix boycott because they lowballed her with a $500k offer for a comedy special [click here here here and here if you missed that].

Turns out Jawn benefited from publicly bashing Mo'Nique...

Fun Fact: Back in 2010 Jawn Murray came under fire after referring to Black women who were upset that Tyler Perry had been chosen to direct the movie based on Ntozake Shange's book "For Colored Girls Who Have Considered Suicide When the Rainbow is Enuf', as 'militant, nappy-headed, angry Black women' and suggested they get a life and a perm [click here if you missed that].


Anonymous said...


I Love When You Add "Fun Facts" To The Write-Ups.....They Are Always Enlightening & Super Juicy!!!

#Love This Site!!

Anonymous said...

Netflix announced yesterday that Steve Martin and Martin Short have upcoming stand ups LOL!! Monique needs a recliner right now. Everybody making moves and she wanna be on some other shit.

Nobody wanna see these old dudes BUT they took the work.

Angela Peterson said...

Love the way these black men are making headway from bashing black women but will scream black power! Even if you don't agree, why bash? Take a note from other races.

Anonymous said...

1:54pm you mean Black gay 65 year old father finds this public bashing of a Black woman horrible and says the system is paying these soft type men to attack her...and I believe it.

Anonymous said...

This shit is crazy. How these two BOTH got in to an Oprah premiere? Now I DO believe they are fucking with her and organizing. This man has NOT apologized for the lies.

They offered her pay 26 times less than a new white woman, and 0.01% of Black men in her same career smdh.

thank you Snitch for re-introducing the statement that Jawn made calling black women militant and nappy headed. They got biracial Don Imus up in here.

Anonymous said...


Monique was bashing them first!!!! this isn't a bashing black women moment.

you know better.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Black women are easy targets, especially when other black women and men are doing the dirty work by targeting them for the establishment. They know damn well some black people are undervalued and low-balled in the workplace everywhere. Not down with the black women bashing at all. Mo'Nique today and another black woman tomorrow. Only the victims pay a price.

Anonymous said...

trollin trollin trollin for that check check check

Anonymous said...

You know how great it would help me out if I won 5000 on a scratch off right now?

This self proclaimed legend REFUSED half a million dollars!!! With NO other work going on.

Yall can do the whoa is me all you want this aint about BLACK nothing. This greedy bitch bit several hands that fed her, spit in their faces and told them to suck her dick.

I dont feek sorry for this bitch at ALL. She pleading and begging for money because she's suppoĊ•ing a bum ass nigga she allow to have outside pussy then come home and kiss her in the mouth.
.Fuck Monique and I black and a woman and I get fucked with ALLL the time. But this ain't it.

That bitch said NO! I rather talk about yall for 2 months for free than work for 2 hours and get a half million!

That nose all the way up in the air, fuck dat bitch.

Anonymous said...

^^^PREACH. I'm a black woman too & don't feel threatened/demeaned in this AT ALL. She done f'd ALL THE WAY UP. She could have had 500 grand and gone on from there.

I understand fighting for what you want; but you got to know what you can REALLY deliver. Can Monique really deliver the kinds of #'s in terms of viewership she's claiming she can? Let's be real. Can she? Right now in this moment? Who besides us is gonna check for a Monique stand up on Netflix besides us? Step into that blessing and turn it into something. Stop bitching about what you don't got and DELIVER something great that can take you to where you can be.

Anonymous said...

Yeah Monique is just wrong. Netflix isn't the enemy of our people. Why isn't she trying to boycott HBO, Showtime or Starz? None of them made her an offer.

Netflix, Fox and Starz have the only dramas on tv with a majority black cast. ABC, CBS and NBC don't have one. Unless something is in the pipeline neither does HBO.

HBO was BIDDING for Chris Rock's services. Same for Jerry Seinfeld and Schumer. I've posted it a few times but when you are comparing yourself to people who do STADIUMS your mind isn't right.

Get the stadium deal FIRST then get the special. Netflix is actually mostly doing half hour deals with comics now. If they offered her $500k for an hour that's more than most are getting. These are people with gigs on tv shows, current movie gigs and are relevant.

She isn't relevant right now. Doesn't mean she can't be again.

Go watch the Joan Rivers episode of Louie. She talked about how she was in the small room two years ago, was playing the big room now, and might be in the small room again in a year.

She's burning bridges left and right. Hollywood loves a comeback story but she's too bitter and hurt to play ball. If she's got all this pull and talent take her Daddy and produce it herself and sell it on her website. Show them. Louie did it. She owes $500k in back taxes, I'd say the Netflix deal came right on time. She got greedy.

Anonymous said...

^^^ and didn't see the blessing. The last thing you want is the IRS rolling up at your house and you and zaddy and the kids gotta go.

They had film of how they did Redd Foxx's house.

She could have paid them that money, killed on Netflix, had peace of mind from paying them off and waiting for that next netflix email. AND be on all the shows she was on talking about nothing, telling jokes and promoting recent WORK.

Anonymous said...

Is Ms. Yawn 'Spray Foundation' Murray still saying she's straight? Stevie Wonder could....never mind.

Anonymous said...

So let me get this straight, ya’ll are mad at Mo’nique for turning down a job offer that didn’t meet her needs. I hope every single one of you accept job offers from every where just because they are hiring. If Mo’nique is destitute and has no other source of income, I’m sure she would have taken the offer. Now boycotting g Netflix she perhaps could have fallen back on that and found a better tactic to negotiate her pay. I fail to see what all the commotion is about. It’s her life, her bills.

Anonymous said...

IF she didn't need the money she would not be bitching for what now is 9 WEEKS straight.

And yes many people take a job that is not their "worth". Some money is better then NO money.

So you work at a place paying you exactly the amount of money you want to make? KUDOS to you. The real world doesn't work like that.

The fat bitch is entitled and smelling her own ass funk.

You go on a job interview with a ten year old resume and be like umm uhh uhh no this ain't gonna work.

She is fucking ape shit and anybody that "understands" her plight is too!

Funny how it keep jumping from racism, to sexism to she just deserves money, millions that is because she was on UPN 9.

Fuck outta here! Monique aint say a peep about Travon, Garnder, Bland, Trump, Black Panther, Andell passing away, Hakeem passing away, Countess being apeshit also, or Sterling talking shit in LA about blacks.

But we supposed to boycott getting good shit when cable is shitty at a good price to help line HER
pockets because she loves us to pieces.

Man go head with that bullshit.

AGAIN I say if they were fools and gave her bitter, cussing ass 20 million to stand up and talk negatively about Hollywood big wigs she would be quite as a church mouse right now asking Sydney when and if what time would he be home.

Fuck this bitch thinking she's important enough to just say boycott and we do it anyway.

She needs to go get a #shaylarocks hoodie in a 3xl and keep it moving.

Bitch so stupid she didn't realize people were paying more attentiin to her workout posts and didn't capitalize on that.
She need that quick money to keep daddy.

Jcee said...

Some of y’all hear half a million and lose your damn minds prolly would sell yo momma out for it! Here’s the thing I said she should have took the money until I READ the offer where it said she would not be able to work for 2years and after two years she would have to give Netflix first bid on anything new Monique is doing shows at venues but per that contract she wouldn’t be able to do that. . Some of y’all woul have took the money and didn’t even read where it said you will have to kill yo family for it

Anonymous said...

I wonder why this queen was so pressed and enraged that she felt the need to go on social media and scream at Mo'nique. Does she work at Netflix?

Anonymous said...

BULLSHIT!! So dave, chris, katt, deray, marlon etc can't work for 2 years either? And have to give Netflix first dibbs? Log all the way the fuck off bro.

1/2 MILLION you chuckle at others will gladly take.

Guess we'll see Tiffiny Haddish in 2 years....

You aint got to lie to kick it Craig

Anonymous said...

It's speak your "peace" loud-mouthed queen.

Anonymous said...

They look like siblings.

Mephime said...

Charlamagne's eyeliner tho....I'll never get used to that, lol...

Just an observation said...

Netflix is not an issue anymore. Deliverance is taken out of context and the overall message is not even heard. So now a gay black man is being celebrated to talk for putting in his two cents about a black woman. Not enough dick to suck fast enough to get them coins. I see why birches get aids faster than any other race.

Don't defend BULLSHIT said...

Read 10:43pm post. Because everything they said is why black people DONT OWN SHIT AND THEY (the person who took the time to write the post and people who think like them) WILL NEVER OWN SHIT!!!! Bow down - I mean you might as well.

Anonymous said...

Yeah the deal said she couldn't do THAT ACT for two years. That's a common issue. Comics usually bury material after it is on a special. Once the act is on tv it's over. Everyone knows those jokes. That's a common point in deals. They don' want her selling the same special to another place, it's a fair point.

Tiffany already told Monique to keep her money out of her mouth. Tiff kills this deal she'll get a better one next time. Comedians know that EVERYONE has netflix. It's a better platform than cable tv right now.

Hell lots of comedians are selling out theaters based solely on youtube.

The reason we keep talking about Netflix is she didn't say Starz, HBO or Comedy Central low-balled her. SHE called out Netflix and Netflix only.

H. Jones said...

Netflix only shows the same old movies. Boycott Netflix.

Anonymous said...

Leonard and Jawn are getting incredible facials you can not get at a spa. These two have sold out to the false light and will throw all black women under the bus for more fame and influence. Queens better check these two clowns when they see them in person.

Anonymous said...

Series of videos? I only know of the one youtube video. In which, he only shared partial truths of info he actually somehow had the full story on. I had never heard of the guy before Monique mentioned his name and then saw his video. Tried to continue watching him after the debaucle, but couldn't. To me, the guy is simply boring as hell. Charmin is another guy I just don't understand how people think is entertaining. I guess birds of a feather.

Anonymous said...

This whole situation is being promoted to continue discourse within the Black community. Now do I support Monique ‘s suggestion for boycotting Netflix, No, not because I support Netflix it is because of Black people start boycotting those companies which exploit and degrade our people we will be boycotting all of the television, movie, music, and sport industries. Monique has the right to speak her truth regardless of being blasted, disrespected, and treated in a all around disturbing way. The way the public is attacking this woman and her husband is like she owes you all money and refuses to pay you all back!!!! If Monique wants to talk her truth regarding Oprah, Tyler, Lee, or any other person she has the right to do so. Do we have to agree with her stand, No, but calling her a bitch, and other derogatory terms only puts forth the image that We as a group of people are so filled with self hate that we cannot just let a simple ass issue like someone else’s coins go and focus on what is truly causing continued destruction within our communities on a daily bases.

Monique chose to be in a business which has historically used Black peoples for profit so this recent action from Netflix should not be a surprise for her. Monique, move on, do your own comedy show independently and get your money. All of you internet bullies, get off this woman’s ass and read a book!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I mentioned a couple of months ago that Jawn was an opportunist who saw this Mo'Nique thing as his way into the graces of white supremacist Hollywood. It's only a matter of time before Jawn attacks a beloved Black woman and he'll be persona non grata.

Just an observation said...

H. Jones:
That's why I cancelled it. I can see if they featured fairly new shit but it's all old shit.
I bet if Oprah fat ass said she was boycotting everybody and they momma would boycott and protest that ebt app.

Anonymous said...

But SHE was counting other people's coins and SHE told GROWN adult HONCHOS in her line of business to SUCK her dick.

We not gonna talk about that disrespect and putting other people's salary on blast to get what SHE wanted?

Anonymous said...

@ 12:46 pm...and if you think Steve Martin or Martin Short is taking less than Dave or Chris your delusional. They're not taking less than those two negros. They are legends as well and we haven't seen them do a stand in about 30 years and a movie in about 15.

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