Friday, March 02, 2018

Yasiin Bey Calls Out Fake Instagram Account

Rapper Yasiin Bey requests the public's help in shutting down a fake Instagram account...

In a rambling video posted on Instagram Yasiin explains,
"There's a person on Instagram pretending to be me, on Instagram. My name is Yasiin Bey, B-E-Y and this person is using B-E-Y-Y. I don't know why, why they're doing that."
"So Instagram please help me get this imposter I don't know. But anyway, I'm not on Instagram, Internets."
"I want peace and love. I'd like a sandwich right now...Instagram if you could help me in anyway just to transfer all of that Instagram, whatever my Instagram credits are to me, as opposed to this person who is an imposter."
"OK congratulations Instagram, goodbye."


Anonymous said...

@Yasiin Bey......Step Away From The Dro!!!

Your Rambling Is All Over The Place....Cuz!!!

Anonymous said...

What country is in he in now?
And why he got alcoholic looking lips? Is he a drunk?

Anon said...

I want a sandwich. Nuff said


Anonymous said...

Who gives a fuck? Not me. Boy bye

✿✿Dotty✿✿ said...

He was high or drunk. Either way Bey wants to keep all of Beyys followers and credits.

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