Tuesday, April 03, 2018

Blac Chyna Fight Teen Defiantly Defends Her Actions

This week a California teen confirmed accounts of touching Blac Chyna's child just before Chyna was caught on video going berserk at Six Flags Magic Mountain [click here if you missed that].

The teen continues to defend her actions...


Anonymous said...

My co-worker just told me her cousin is being catfished ��

Anonymous said...

PMK gonna get that baby & this hood rat making it easy...that's all I got

The One said...

if she dates tyga its on!

Anonymous said...

If nothing else this girl I hope that she learns that you shouldn't just walk up and touch people's children. She may have meant no harm, but it's something you shouldn't do. And some adults out here need to learn the same thing.

Anonymous said...

Folks kill me always caping for the Kardashians as if they are in a better class than Chyna and her mother. Kris Kardasian Jenner was a known whore in Calabasas who birth Khloe for Alex Roldan while still married to Rob Sr. In her own words Kris has admitted to multiple affairs while married.
Kourtney has 3 chidlren out of wedlock with a known addict who is a bored lien pedohple.
Kim is on the the internet, in magazines and selfies nude all the damn time. She dresses her 3 year old like totstitute. She admittedly attempted to become a porn star. Has been videoed getting high with Ray J a known drug addict. She started sexing MJ's nephew at the age of 14 and is on her 3rd marriage.
Kylie was having sex with a grown man at age 15 and traveling the world doing it. She posted a video of herself and said man online having sex in a store dressing room. She got pregnant within weeks of knowing a guy and may have been already pregnant when she got with him if you match the timeline of when she started wearing the baggy clothes you'll figure out the math.
Khloe has an NBA jersey for the most Nut Busting Asses in the league.
Kendall slept with Kourtney's man, and Kourtney is her sister.
Rob Jr told his own mother to put his dick in her mouth.
The sisters behave incestuously towards one another, smelling pooch and all!

So I don't see why everyone thinks the Kardashians are a better suit for Dream than Chyna or Tony for that matter. Money certainly has bought none of them class.

Anonymous said...

Let's also not forget that Kim called Kanye and lied to him claiming some white teenager called her a nigger lover. Kanye came down and behaved violently towards this white boy because Kim's feelings where hurt, so she claimed. The result of which is that Kanye now has a criminal record. So Kim may not have been the actor or violence but she was the cause of it.

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