Monday, May 21, 2018

Blac Chyna Leaving L.A.?

Earlier this month former stripper Blac Chyna was dealt a fatal blow to her lawsuit against the Kardashians after a judge ruled E! had every right to cancel her reality show contract after she broke up with Rob Kardashian [click here if you missed that].

Have the Kardashians run Blac Chyna out of town..?

Could be.

Insiders tell Page Six
“She was in town taking meetings and said she loves NYC. She said she was actually thinking about relocating.”
“She didn’t have an entourage. She was there with her lawyer and buying designer shoes and outfits for her daughter. She seems to have money to burn; she wasn’t looking at any price tags.”


Anonymous said...

So did this statement come from a teenage sales person? Buying baby clothes is money to burn? Ha let's see if she can afford NYC rent even the air BNB are expensive.

She'll never be able to stand out in NY. Real celebs move to NY because it's easy to blend in and not be noticed. The opposite of everything Blac Chyna is.

Anonymous said...

Blac Chyna put this out there since news hit she going broke a d her booking fees are down she doing all she can to make it LOOK like what it aint further ain’t no way she gone take Dream to another state and rob not try and fight her for custody chyna maybe dumb but she ain’t that dumb


Ummm Dear Mrs. Snitch muthafucka, why does it matter where the bitch going? She ain't gonna be able to afford or last in the next city or country either. Stop posting articles about people that are NOT talented!!!! What the fuck is wrong with you? You could have used the wasted time posting about Rappers that got next like: REMY MA, #HOODCELEBRITYY, SAWEETIE, CUBAN DOLL, MARIAHLYNN, KASH DOLL, KHIA, LIL` KIM, TAMMY RIVERA, IVY QUEEN, ETC. ITS A NEW YEAR NEW SUMMER ITS TIME FOR US TO BLOG AND COMMENT AND MAKE TRENDING TOPICS GO VIRAL WORLDWIDE ABOUT PEOPLE THAT ACTUALLY MATTER TO ALL STAFF AT BILLBOARD AND MAKING THE BILLBOARD CHARTS POPOFF IN REAL LIFE|

prissa o said...

We need the details from Fairy Godmother. Haven’t heard from her in awhile.

Anonymous said...

R in NYC says:

Start spreading the news...

this ho better start saving whatever coins she has left. NYC is no place for her fake flossing.

Anonymous said...

This muppet better go somewhere like Maryland because they will found her bound and gagged Kim style if she try that posing shit in NY. But most likely this is her last trick out the bag to shake Rob down for more loot to stay.

✿✿Dotty✿✿ said...

NY don't want her. Stay in fucking Calabasas.

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