Thursday, May 31, 2018

Jermaine Jackson's Ex-Wife Demands Spousal Support

Two years ago Jermaine Jackson's wife Halima Rashid filed for divorce after she was arrested for assaulting him at their home in Woodland Hills, CA [click here if you missed that].

Now Halima is seeking spousal support...

According to reports Halima just filed docs asking for $35,000 a month in alimony.

Halima claims her job during the marriage was to be by Jermaine's side and that her present income is only $600 a month while Jermaine rakes in between $50,000 and $500,000 a month.

Halima also claims she's had to sell her cars to pay her bills.

Halima and Jermaine were married for 14 years and have no children together.

Fun Fact: Halima allegedly attacked Jermaine after his side chick posted pictures on social media of them kissing on Thanksgiving Day [click here if you missed that].


prissa o said...

How is he making between $50K - $500K per month???

How Sway??? 🤔

Niyabinghi/ObeahWomanWarrior said...

These Jackson negro's are beyond tragic. I have never seen a group of Icon's work so hard to weaken their bloodline. Latoya out here looking like some escaped corpse from the morgue, this negro looking like a black Max Headroom, MJ mutilated himself and bought yt children, he tried to pass off as his own dma, Janet nose about to collapse and bought some yt baby she trying to pass off as her own. Joe Jackson did a number on his kids. Are there any sane Jackson's left? where Rebe at? smh.

Anonymous said...

This is Katherine's mess, too. She may be quiet, but she's no one's dummy. I blame her as much as I blame Joe.

Just an observation said...

Rebie was out with her mother supporting Janet when she received her Icon award. Rebie, Tito have black kids. Everyone focus on the ones doing the most and blame the entire family for white washing.

Jermaine and Marlon both have kids by the same woman . Typical hoodbooger shit that many black men have done and continue to do today. Their just not famous.

Anonymous said...

R in NYC says:

Wayment.....what happened to her money? She was supposed to be rich on her own.

Anon said...

@R, that's what I was thinking too. I'm confused. I kinda thought he got with her for some of that Arab money.


Anon said...

BTW @NOWW I'm dead at "black Max Headroom". Good one.


DaisyDooks said...

"Jermaine and Marlon both have kids by the same woman." ~Just An Observation

@JustAnObservation - That's not what New York Post reports...

If there’s one best example of how dysfunctional the Jackson family is, know this — Jermaine stole away, then married, the mother of his younger brother Randy’s children.

Randy met Alejandra Oaziaza in 1986, when she was about 17 and he was 24. Randy, seven years younger than Jermaine and three years younger than Michael, missed out on the heyday of the Jacksons’ Motown fame. Too young to appear in the Jackson 5, he nonetheless was enlisted in the family business and would tour with his brothers as he got older (as Michael went solo).

Randy and Alejandra dated for a long time, but never married, having two children — Genevieve and Randy Jr. But Randy proved a bit too immature for Alejandra, and while he was away from home, Jermaine moved in.

“Randy didn’t treat me like I was the one,” Alejandra told me. “I just thought that Jermaine was different, that he was more family oriented.”

In 1995, Jermaine and Alejandra secretly married, later having children of their own — Jaafar, Donte and Jermajesty.

Randy Jackson was furious when his baby mama married Jermaine.

Randy, of course, was devastated.

“Joe Blow down the street, but my brother? In the same house?” Randy seethed about the betrayal. “She’s a pig and my brother is a fool.”

Katherine, their mother, was not amused either and treated Alejandra like the help. Randy, meanwhile, withheld child-support payments, which Jermaine said he just couldn’t understand.

“He’s an a-hole,” Jermaine said of Randy. “He shouldn’t let his feelings for me or Alejandra come between taking care of his kids.”

Jermaine didn’t understand Randy’s anger in general.

“He needs to get over it and leave all the petty stuff behind and act like a man,” Jermaine said to me. This conversation lasted more than four hours and I had to reason with him that, “You not only took his woman, but you had children with her and you married her. There’s nothing petty about that.”


Anonymous said...

Marlon is married to a black woman Carol for 44 years. Randy and Jermaine have children with the same woman.

Anonymous said...

Just an observation
Stop Trolling you white racist bitch. All your so call facts are WRONG. Stormfront is waiting for your racist ass.

SPILL IT!!!!!!! said...

If Jermaine's ex keeps on eyeing that Jackson money, she is going to end up like Tito's wife... swimming with the fishes!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

So sick of your stupid observations and wanna be warriors co signing your every dang post.

advice from auntie said...

Jermaine's wife should have left after celebrity wife swap. Joe Jackson would walk around the mansion with an uzi 9mm when Catherine did start to check his ass that when he cheated and moved his 2nd family in the neighborhood.

They Call Me Cocoa said...

@advicefromauntie I was thinking the same thing! I saw that episode a few weeks ago and his hoarder shit and treating her as an unpaid employee was ridiculous! Once your man has more clothes, fragrances, and beauty products than's time to go.

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