Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Matt Barnes Adds Gloria Govan's Brother to Fraud Lawsuit

Back in February retired NBA player Matt Barnes filed a lawsuit against his ex-wife Gloria Govan accusing her of forging his signature to obtain loans and for stealing money [click here if you missed that].

Now Matt claims Gloria's brother was also in on it...

From The Blast
The ex-NBA star claims that during his marriage to Gloria, he believes she devised a plan with her family to embezzle funds from his bank account to fund the purchase of a home for her parents in Oakland, California.
Barnes says the scheme included “using a straw man” — in the form of Gloria’s brother — to purchase the home with Barnes’ signature being used as a co-purchaser, despite him being unaware of the purchase.
According to Barnes, his signature was forged and the defendants “masqueraded as Matt Barnes in order to advance their scheme of purchasing the property.”
Matt also claims over $300,000 was embezzled from his bank account and transferred to a private bank account set up by Gloria.


Anonymous said...

R in NYC says:

Derek Fisher better watch his bank account as well around that shady heffa.

Josie Numa said...

I remember when this ninja was on basketball wives Miami telling Jen & Eve not to corrupt his precious wife. Turns out she had way more game and hustle than he gave her credit. She played the part of the naive wife so well that he could've never fathom that she would con and hustle him like this.

Anonymous said...

Bitter A$$ .50 Ninja lighter in Hi$ Pocket$ He neva expected her HER to leave, phucked his 'Friend' and cuffed him in. Mi$$ion Accompli$ed.

Anonymous said...

What most folks don't know is that stuff like this happens ALL the time to these so called "ballers" and professional athletes. It is always a family member or one of their "boys" or "my man" that is scamming others in the name of said athlete...though they won't admit it.

Most athletes don't pursue charges for fear of embarrassment for allowing this to happen. Or they spend their own money cleaning up the mess.

I'm glad to see him expose the leeches. Maybe the other athletes will start filing criminal charges in cases where they have been impersonated.

✿✿Dotty✿✿ said...

Wow, its like the whole family is so fucking money hungry. Get a job, start your own business. What the fuck do they do all day?

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