Friday, May 25, 2018

No Charges for Offset

Last week Migos rapper Offset walked away from a bad car accident without notifying authorities, which is against the law in Georgia [click here if you missed that].

Offset is off the hook...

According to reports the investigation into Offset's accident has officially been closed and is being treated as an abandon / recovered vehicle case because no one was injured besides Offset.

Offset claims the accident was caused after he swerved to miss a crackhead in the street and crashed into a tree [click here if you missed that].

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Anonymous said...

Yeah right. That nigga was getting head and crashed. Him and the hoe flee and he made up this bullshit about a crackhead to Cardi then Cardi dumbass told everybody so if course his ugly ass had to go along with it then he paid the courts off to make this go away so therefore no charges.

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