Thursday, May 31, 2018

Offset Buys Car for Good Samaritan

Last week Migos rapper Offset said he believed 'God' was the mysterious person who walked him home after a near fatal car crash and then disappeared into the night [click here if you missed that]. 

Welp, Offset found god and bought him a car...

A video Offset posted on Instagram Live shows him handing over the keys to a Nissan Altima while explaining he bought the car because the man saved his life.


E-STROKES said...

So Offbeat and Cardi D flossing diamond chipped jewelry and leased Bentleys and can only buy the man who saved his life a used damn car.

Seems Offbeat only thinks his life is worth a used damn car. That shit probably fall apart in the next 6 months.

TMZ should offer the Good Samaritan their customary 10k for the REAL story, Cause this one is full of holes.

Anonymous said...

^^ better than what he had; which was NOTHING. Why buy him a Bentley or some other temperamental flashy car that will be in the shop every week or he get jacked for when he is a working class man that needs a RELIABLE car?? Think young grasshopper and use your common sense. Mmmkay

E-STROKES said...

Comprehension is not your strong suit. I SAID THEY WE FLOSSING ALL THAT SHIT LIKE THEY RICH. They’re either cheap, cash po’ or ungrateful. Since when is a used car dependable.

No car is really. But with a new car you got warranties etc.

You sound ig’nant like them two losers. If I was him I’d get paid cause right now he secret keeping for free and hustling backwards.

Stupid bitch! Have a nice day. Not Really.

Anonymous said...

@ 7:53 Some people will never understand gratitude. Dude just got a free car that he wasn't even trying to get but instead of understanding that this man who maybe could not afford the expense of a car on his own(pmnnt/gas/insurance/maintenance) and PERHAPS that's what had him walking in the first place, they'd rather count another man's money trying to devalue the GIFT another person gave cause they saw some flashy shit in a promo shoot. Then the dumb bitch gon' get mad, post a bunch of unintelligible words and phonetically incorrect sentences to clear up "your" reading comprehension issues when you understand EXACTLY what that greedy, ungrateful bottom feeder said. But just maybe (probably not) that person saw how stupid their comment was and got defensive but again...probably not. Weak mufucka probably sitting in somebody's basement waiting on them to come in from their job so they can beg...then complain, unable to stand on their own 2.

Anonymous said...

@9:22 - agreed. and why I am not responding to their ignorance. LOL. what a dumb ass, LOL

Just an observation said...

I saw many companing about the car being used. The nigga didn't have a car at all but it's a issue because it's used.

E-STROKES said...

Bitch ass simp why you circling and quoting my post but not using my screen name. Cause you is a piss poor strumpet just like this motherfuckkka and his mumbling ho.

THIS IS FOR Y’ALL AND YO’ MAMAS. IF YO’ SHITTY ASS LIVES AIN’T WORTH NOTHING BUT A 900.00 CAR THEN GOOD. But in future both these mumbling ass strumpets should get off RWS co-signing each other.

See how I called you out directly 9:22. Cause bitches on boards being Sybil to one another dodn’t scare me.

As far as incorrect sentences this is a blog, not a class in composition. So if I feel like editing I will, If I don’t I won’t., I see that extra gene that normally causes Down Syndrome allowed you to understand what my point was.

They didn’t have to buy him a Bentley. Hyundai has new cars for a little as 12k.

I would call TMZ cause the story if rife with HOLES AND HO’S.

Anonymous said...

God bless the both of them. That's a nice car, especially for someone who ain't got shit. He could have easily given the man a thank you, some lunch and kept going on his way. I would be thankful someone thought enough about me helping them and gave me a car to represent that gratitude. Again, blessing to the both of them.

Your Highness said...

I'm confused by the comments. I thought 1. that Nissan's Altima's were nice cars for the average working class 2. have high consumer ratings for reliability 3. Drive for a really long time 4. repairs are affordable

So again how are y'all complaining about someone else's gift. He is showing his gratitude and y'all complaining about it's newness? How do we know it's used? I didn't watch the clip. Did he say "hey man, I bought you a used Altima?"

And even if it isn't a 2018, so what! What if its a 2016 with 30K miles on it? thats a still a brand new car and you can warranty vehicles with less than 50k miles on it. So again, whats the issu? I need clarity

Anonymous said...


I agree. Cardi flashing her flu coat and Offsett out here draped in gold trying to give the appearance of wealth when in fact they both broke.

That Charger he was pushing told me all I needed to know. Homeboy got paid in nickels not to tell the real story.

E-STROKES said...


That’s what I’m saying they got they ppl on RWS getting dragged for filth. We ain’t stupid over here and we don’t Stan. She say she bought him a Bentley or something like that for his birthday, but he driving a charger.

Ol’ boy don’t know how to negotiate. I gave it 6 mos to be operable, but it’ll probably be 1 month. The car look like some shit somebody had sitting in their yard and they GAVE Offbeat the car so he could say he bought it.

Personally, I would have asked for the cash, instead of that old beater.

Anonymous said...

There's a lot of greed and unappreciation being footed tonight. I'm surprised because RWS has some of the best, most gracious and get you together commenters.

On an average day rich folks don't drive a Bentley and most have a reasonable everyday car. Chargers are very nice, have a V-6 engine and drive fast as all get out. I tried to get my hubby to buy one years back.

Nissan Altima is a fine car. I own 4 cars and one is a 2016 Nissan Altima. I love it. I has satellite radio, apps, the works. The ride is smooth and the seats semi comfortable for me.

I hate that black celebs particularly those in the music industry feel the need to dress to impress. Based on these comments we seem to actually encourage & entice them to prove their worth.

A couple of years ago a rapper bought his sister a simple car and folks complain about his wealth vs the car he gave her. The girl was graduating from high school and heading to college she didn't need a Mercedes, Bentley, Rolls Royce, Range Rover etc to get around and an education.

We have to stop promoting fake flaunts. If Offset had sent him a gift card, then I could see the point of concern but he bought the man an affordable car for cash. For all we know he could have asked the man what he wanted and bought the car the man chose. We weren't there we send the end product.

The two things we do know is 1. The man took him to a hospital and asked for nothing. 2. Offset bought him a car and no good deed goes unpunished.
Love Ya RWS!

✿✿Dotty✿✿ said...

It was nice but I wish they knew how to speak better. But like the poster from above, I think the dude is secret keeping the real true story that happened. Crackheads walking in streets. I don't know seems fishy to me.

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