Thursday, May 24, 2018

Princess Love Still In Labor and Filming for Baby Special

Yesterday Ray J announced the birth of his first child with wife Princess Love [click here if you missed that].

Not so fast...

From OK
Despite reports the couple welcomed their first child on May 22nd, a close family insider told OK! exclusively, “Princess is still in labor.”
“She has been in labor for over 24 hours,” the source confirmed. “The doctors said she and the baby are doing fine they’re just waiting it out.”
“Nobody expected her labor to go past 24 hours — they expected to walk in and have a baby,” said the source. “But, thankfully everyone is okay.”
The insider also confirmed that VH1 cameras have been capturing the couple’s entire delivery experience.
“All of this is rolling for VH1 for Ray J and Princess’ baby special, airing this summer,” the source dished.


L. Eller said...

Him and his sister stay lying for these damn baby specials. Get your lying kids, Sonya.

Anonymous said...

I'm just waiting to see if Brandy's weight mysteriously go down after this baby is born....

Anonymous said...

I will not be watching. But congrats to them!!!

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