Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Rich The Kid Forced Wife to Have Abortions?

Earlier this year rapper Rich the Kid's wife filed for divorce after catching him cheating on her with former strippers Blac Chyna and Tori Brixx [click here if you missed that].

Now Rich's estranged wife is accusing him of horrific acts of physical and mental abuse...

According to reports Rich's wife, Antonette Willis, claims he was physically abusive throughout their marriage and also forced her to have several abortions after the birth of their second child because he didn't want anymore kids.

Antonette says Rich has cut her off completely and moved Tori Brixx into their marital home in L.A. 

Antonette is seeking alimony and child support.

There is no prenuptial agreement.

Fun Fact: Antonette notes in her court filing that whenever she and Rich traveled together he would fly first class while she was forced to ride in coach.