Friday, May 18, 2018

XXXTentacion Drops Defamation Lawsuit

Last month rapper XXXTentaciaon filed a defamation of character lawsuit against one of his former girlfriends after video leaked of him punching her in the head and she claimed he was abusing her [click here if you missed that].

XXX drops the suit after she recants her story...

In the official statement filed with the courts Breonna Starling claims,
On March 26, 2018, I was informed that an old SnapChat video of myself and Jahseh Onfroy a/k/a XXXTenacion was posted on Reddit and was being talked about and circulated on the Internet.
The day the video was posted, I was contacted by one of Jahseh's managers and I told him the truth: I did not release the video and don't know how someone got it and posted online. I also told him I was surprised that people were making such a big deal about it. The video was taken years ago when Jahseh and I were both kids and we were just joking around. I was not injured as a result of what happened nor did it negatively affect my personal life. I told his manager I was willing to give a statement saying exactly that.
I will not be pursuing any claims against him and I hope that people see the video in the playful context in which it was recorded and nothing more.


Anonymous said...

he looking like he is on some demonic type shit. Seriously dangerous

Anonymous said...

Came here to say the same thing. Some Exorcist shit going on in there. Just disgusting.

Anonymous said...

Who raised these stupid azz kneegrows?

Anonymous said...

This New SHIT is Not Hip-Hop!!!!!!!
These gimmick ass suburban kids are WRAPPERS with that Hickory Dickery Dock shit.
Hip-Hop is underground now.

Anonymous said...

how this demon-looking niggae file a defamation???

NIGGAE yo face look like a DEFAMATION!!

agreeing with @11:18 AM....who the fuk raised these people/demons????

prissa o said...

Straight up demonic. I bet he LOVES when ppl say that too.


Niyabinghi/ObeahWomanWarrior said...

Extention cord is actually quite talented, my 16 year old son actually let me listen to a few of his songs, and I actually have some loaded unto my listening device when I drive. But and a big ass but I don't know what in thee entire fuck is going on with wanting to look like some creature from the black lagoon. My only take is this child was probably sexually molested. I was married to a man for 10 years who I later found out, his uncle used to get his high and drunk and sexually molest him as a child, the uncle was a family rapist raping both the boys and girls in the family. He raped my ex husbands sisters too. He never recovered from being sexually molested and still today self medicates with drugs and alcohol. X is obviously not well mentally, despite being immensely talented. His songs are deep, soulful, depressing and thought provoking and could very well be a cry for help. This of course does not negate his fuckery at hand and I hope he seeks the help he needs. Otherwise he will probably end up taking his life. Sad!!

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