Saturday, June 09, 2018

Christine Vest Hooking Up with Quincy?

This week Dwight Howard's baby mama Christine Vest and Kim Porter and Al B Sure's son Quincy Brown released their new single "You're Crazy I'm Fine [click here if you missed that]."

Are Quincy and Christine doing more than making beautiful music together...

Sure looks like it.

Yesterday Christine commented on Instagram that Quincy was 'everything.'

Q kind of ignored her but, still.


iketernr said...


Unknown said...

Quincy is a damn clone of his daddy. It’s like Al B spit that boy out.

Just an observation said...

I notice as he gets older Puffy isn't mentioned as his dad anymore. I'm sure Al B. Sure is happy Quincy doesn't have any ill feelings towards him although he wasn't in his life as much as a kid.

Just an observation said...

Al has strong!

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