Tuesday, June 05, 2018

Kanye West Blasted Over Uncleared Samples

Last week Kanye West released his new album entitled 'Ye [click here if you missed that].'

Apparently Yeezy didn't bother to clear all the music he sampled for the project...

According to reports Kanye West used Kareem Lotfy’s “Fr3sh” from the mono no aware compilation for the track “I Thought About Killing You” without permission.

Experimental Berlin record label Pan tells Pitchfork,
“It’s sadly another case of an artist who capitalizes on culture without any original ideas and because culture trickles up, this means we are all basically working for him. Everything leads to him, he’s the ultimate narcissist.”


Anonymous said...

So, I'm living my life and paying my taxes and was once a Kanye fan. As much as I like listening parties (I enjoyed Kendrick's in the DMV a years ago) this party looks both weird and wack simultaneously. Kanye looks unstable and the fans and so-called "influencers" look old and dusty.

Like, what is this? What's really going on and why does that photo creep me out?

Just an observation said...

Whatever, who cares. This is going to be his worse album sales ........ ever. That bonfire listening party was a joke. Different but a joke. The only thing I can see happening is other artists will steal his idea and try to top him on how and where to have people listen to new music. We already know who scheming now because she has not one original bone in her body.

Chrissy Snow said...

Didn't Taylor fly fans and influencers out to her home for her listening party? There is nothing original about Kanye AT ALL. Folks been calling him a genius just to appear cool the same way they call Beyonce queen.

prissa o said...

@8:51 I’ve read it was a huge ritual in disguise. All that dancing around fire and having people watch the fire burn on the app for 3 hours before they get to hear any music.

Also, I feel the dusty, random look of the spectators truly represents the state of KloneYe’s mind. They say he did this album in a manic state in 2 weeks, so I’m sure he didn’t get the proper approvals.

I was never a fan (not a “fan” of anything / anyone really) but KloneYe is 100% canceled in my book.

Anon said...

That's what Mr West does, always has. When he was trying to come up he was running through the South Side getting producers how to lay things out and then he would duplicate them and publish under his name. When Jay Dilla died he took his sound libraries and started using them. He sampled entire hooks from Aphex Twin and AT kindly called him to see how it sits with clearance he people were talking about that music is theirs now.
He's a thief and always has been.


Anonymous said...

From one extreme to another. If a deck of cards represented the industry and everyone had a position in it, I would have to say Kanye's position is definitely the fool's card. And to think...all of this started with what he said about Bush, during Hurricane Katrina. Shit been going down hill ever since. SMMFH. I believe they're using him as an example for others who might want to follow in his footsteps.

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